Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Digital Voice Recorders Keep Your Life on Target

You are a busy business professional, who spends a lot of time in your car and you just can’t seem to record directions, take notes or do the important things that you never seem to have enough time to do. There are digital voices recorders that are push-button controlled, and can be adapted to your cruise control on your car which can solve this problem nicely. The multi-segment recording chip can handle appointments, telephone numbers and directions, and comes complete with a stable suction cup mount that holds it steady.

Turning your recorder into a digital voice recorder for the telephone can be done as easily and as simply as connecting a direct connect telephone record device to a recorder you already own. This device will adapt to either single or multiple line phones and is compatible with all modular type telephones.

Then there is a new sixty-four hour digital recorder that can record not only the telephone, but voices so that those all important notes to yourself need never be lost again. This particular device comes with an automatic telephone recording control that tapes all of your telephone conversations automatically for an amazing thirty-eight hours, and only turns on when there is actually a voice on the line.

If you are looking for a radical new gadget to secretly record your conversations, there are digital voice recorders that look like a pair of sun glasses, and are capable of recording up to eighteen hours of vocal conversations. This device is also great for playing back music for up to eight hours for your listening pleasure.

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