Saturday, December 31, 2011

Data Entry Outsourcing

Companies from many industries like IT, consumer, pharmacy etc . are generating huge data every day. It requires lots of time and money to keep the records up to date. Considering the lower labor cost of well-educated and efficient labor in the developing countries like India, it is now imperative to outsource data entry jobs to cut labor-intensive costs immediately.

Data entry outsourcing will help companies to concentrate on core competencies by assigning data entry tasks to reliable outsourcing provider. Data entry jobs can be outsourced in the following categories.

Online Data Entry outsourcing
Offline Data Entry outsourcing
Document Entry outsourcing
Image Entry outsourcing
Catalogue Entry outsourcing
Legal document outsourcing
Medical transcription
Insurance Data Entry outsourcing

Companies and institutions who usually need the services of data entry outsourcing are marketing, advertising & publishing, financial, hospitals, colleges & universities, lawyers, oil companies and any such large organizations. Nature of data entry outsourcing could be sometimes constant and sometimes need to be updated on daily basis. Some companies may require data entry updating occasionally.

In past, data entry was simply means data entering into computer. However, digital revolution has changed the definition of data entry. In the present business scenario, the scope and range of data entry processing has grown exponentially according to their importance and time sensitivity. Where most of the small and medium companies require data management services periodically, multinational companies need their data to be updated regularly.

While outsourcing data entry jobs, care should be taken to check credibility of your outsource provider. They should be able to offer various data outsourcing services like data entry, data processing, data extraction, data maintenance and so on. In addition, outsourcing providers should be having good track record of good quality service and having well-educated staff.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Data conversion services

We provide at Data outsourcing India high level of correctness sensible delivery total privacy and cost effective Data conversion services. The need for data conversion is necessary for any organization to run their business successfully.

Data conversion services are a necessity in this age of information as in sequence is vital in any organization. In our modern day forceful world technology is constantly changing in order to improve and facilitate our lives. For an organization to function effectively data needs to be easily accessible.

Data conversion is the change of one from of computer data to another the changing of  bits from start in one format to a diverse one usually for the reason of relevance interoperability of of ability of using new features. At the simplest level data conversion can be exemplified by <a href="” target="_blank"> conversion</a> of a text file from one character ending to another. More complex conversions are those of office file formats, And conversions of image and formats are an endeavor that is beyond the ken of ordinary computer users.

Offers conversion from a variety of file formats and media to other. With our general technical expertise in this area, we are almost sure to cater to any of your complex conversion necessities be it in any format file or media.Various operating systems have various application software, and every request normally has its own internal way of saving data. There are a few standards such as CSV files for databases and RTF files for word processing text, however, these are few and far between and often only save the basic in sequence rather than the full structure. Other significant areas of incompatibility come from mainframe type applications that use EBCDIC and packed numbers to keep their data. Conversion troubles can arise with any exchange system, and although networks and the Internet can mask numerous media and format Exchange problems, data incongruity can now continue.

Some of the various services like:

- Conversion of data across various databases on different platforms
- Data Conversion via Input / Output for almost any media.
- Data Conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets, Convert Raw Data   into MS Office.
- Text to PDF and PDF to Word
- Data Compilation in PDF from Several Sources.
- Conversion from Page maker to PDF format.
- Conversion from Word to HTML format
- Conversion from Text to Word Perfect.

We are ready to carry out of a no obligation free data translation sample to earn your trust based on the Quality of the work. Our data conversion services are cost effective digitizing solution and with low cost from our offshore data processing services.

We have  also growth an extensive collection of proprietary conversion software, real-time tag validators and parsers, and other content processing tools. We custom-develop many of the tools, applications and other tools that support our advanced work in the field of data conversion at a dedicated technology center in India.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dashboard to the Rescue

<p>When you think of a dashboard what comes to mind?  For most people, the first picture that comes to mind is the dashboard in your car.  The dashboard extends from just under the inside portion of your windshield and includes all the dials, knobs, buttons, and instruments that essentially run the automobile. In essence, the dashboard of a car serves as the control center.  Via the dashboard you can change the radio, turn up the volume, defrost the windows, heat up the car, cool down the car, or even insert a CD to listen to.  More advanced and luxurious cars have dashboards that give the driver a glimpse of the conditions in and around the car – such as the temperature outside, the speed of the car, the time, and the song currently playing on the stereo system etc.  Simply put, dashboards are great at offering a quick glance into ones current condition, providing a simple yet powerful visual representation of information.

<p><b>Business Dashboard to the Rescue</b>

<p>Business executives often are pressed for time, and in need of a <a href=>Dashboard</a> to their company’s current status.  Fortunately, a business dashboard does exist.  Like the dashboard of a car, a business dashboard offers a look into wellbeing of a company.  A business dashboard will often consist of information representing the vitals of a company.  Vitals like sales and inventory data, as well as profitability information.  Business dashboards are often quite flexible allowing for customized inputs of information and charts to display the information that is most vital to your company.

<p>When an executive takes advantage of a <a href=>business dashboard</a>, he literally has all the information from the whole company at his finger tips.  Business dashboards allow the user to manipulate complex data input sets and view and interpret the data in simple, yet powerful visual representations.  For an executive that lacks ample time to make complex business decisions based on the data provided to him a business dashboard proves priceless.  

<p><b>Performance Dashboard Keeps You Ahead of the Game</b>

<p>Many top executives think of this type of dashboard as a <a href=>performance dashboard</a>.  After all, when all is said and done, the dashboard is essentially measuring and displaying the performance of the company.  All great executives understand the importance of maintaining a grasp of the current performance status of the company, and a performance dashboard allows these executives to maintain their edge over other corporations. 

<p>As mentioned before, a dashboard can be very flexible.  Business and performance dashboards are capable of displaying information or inputs that are contained in Excel file format.  A dashboard lacking <a href=>dashboard excel</a> functionality will prove to be a useless tool.  In the business world, much of our information is housed by Excel so when you are looking for a performance dashboard solution, be sure to look for a dashboard that advertises dashboard excel compatibility. 

<p>Don’t get caught lagging behind the competition.  Make sure you have the best tools and instruments so that your company can make informed decisions and maintain or even exceed the pace set by the competition.  Remember, when looking for a performance dashboard solution, if you want to make use of that huge database of Excel worksheets you have on your servers you will need a business dashboard solution that provides dashboard excel compatibility.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crazy Like a Fox, Persuasive Like a Weasel

In earlier articles we wrote about the power of using hidden commands in normal conversation to increase sales, convince others to do omething or to accept your ideas.  This is often done by separating out a simple command or suggestion by pausing, stating the command in a different tone of voice, then resuming normal conversation.

For example, when selling a car you might say, “This car gets 30 miles per gallon on the highway, which you’ll notice when you (pause) take it for a test drive.  You’ll also notice that ….

Another way to insert a command into conversation is to use what are called Weasel Words.  These phrases are based on the one of the techniques used by  Milton Erickson, who was one of the foremost hypnotists of the last century.   Erickson had a way of talking people into trance without giving any direct commands to close their eyes or relax.  Instead he would just sort of talk around the idea of going into trance and people would naturally do it.

These Ericksonian Phrases are also known as Weasel Words because they allow  you to weasel in a command without it being so direct or authoritarian.    For example, you might say to someone, “Consider why you want to do this.”

With some people, giving a command can create a great deal of resistance.  A percentage of them just do not like to take orders so they won’t respond to direct suggestion.

But what if your were to say, “I’m not entirely sure how well you can consider why you want to do this.”  Here, you’re not trying to force them to consider why.  You’re just asking them how well they might be able to consider why.

Now, in considering and interpreting that statement the mind has to actually consider why they want to do this, to some degree.  When you use Weasel Words  the listener does not have something to object to. In order to employ these phrases you first determine your outcome.

In a hypnosis setting, one outcome would be for the client to relax.  You might say, “A friend once told me, you know, it’s entirely possible to just get relaxed.”  You’re not telling the client to relax.  You’re just repeating what a friend once said.

If you’re selling computers, you might say something like, “I wonder if now is the time that you might buy this computer.  There are hundreds of Ericksonian Phrases that can be used for just about any outcome.  Here are a few below.  You can probably come up with your many of your own.


After you come to … After you’ve … As a whole new way of thinking opens up … All that really matters … All that’s really important … Allowing yourself to just naturally … And as that occurs, you really can’t help but notice … And I’d like to have you discover … And then, now you’ll discover … And you can be pleased …. And you can really use it … And you can wonder … And you will be surprised at … Give yourself the opportunity to see if … I wonder if you’ll be pleased to notice … I wonder if you’ll be reminded … I wonder if you’ll be surprised to discover that … In all probability … If you could … It is easy, isn’t it … Perhaps you wouldn’t mind noticing … So now’s the time …

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Cost Saving Trade Show Exhibits for the Growing Company

As an early stage startup company matures, the image that was right for the times four years ago as an “up & comer” is often no longer appropriate. This emerging business now needs a more mainstream image to convey its strong new corporate identity.

The transition to a mainstream image necessitates not only a change in identity but also a change in trade show exhibit presence.  Early on, portable pop up exhibits at trade shows worked.  But with a company's mounting success it now needs an image that reflects its solid business stature as a true leader in its field. However, before being tempted to leap into a major investment in a custom build mega trade show exhibit, there is a practical intermediate step.

In order to achieve a company’s new image while keeping a handle on its budget, a good interim step for a firm that wants major attention at a key trade show is a custom modular trade show display that has the "look and feel" of a high-end custom build but at a substantial cost saving.

In terms of projecting awareness, the custom modular exhibit succeeds in reinforcing a company’s new prestigious image while reducing the operating costs associated with a custom build by 75%.  The custom modular exhibit saves not only on the design and productions costs of a custom construction but also on such expenses as drayage, shipping, installation and dismantling. 

Additionally, the configuration of the exhibit is expandable into a variety of spaces -- including a 10x20, 20x20, 20x30 or larger to scale with a company’s growth, enabling them to service large and small trade shows alike.

As the growing company moves into a stepped up trade show venture, it can benefit from  an experienced trade show exhibit design and construction company.  The company’s display team should be able to work seamlessly with a professional exhibit design firm to determine and meet key trade show deadlines and assembly demands.

Keeping costs on target should be a top priority for the expanding company. Before venturing into a top-end custom build spectacular, there’s good logic in taking an appropriate next stage exhibit step.  For comparison, here are seven cost savings benefits of a custom modular vs. custom exhibit:

1.    Less shipping and drayage expense:
The 75% lighter weight custom modular exhibit keeps shipping and drayage costs in line with a trade show exhibit designed with less weight and compact packing.
2.    Reduction of trade show storage costs:
75% fewer crates reduces storage costs substantially.
3.    Lower labor costs due to ease of setup:
A smaller crew is needed so less time is required to install and dismantle exhibit.
4.    Less Refurbishing required:
Panels can be removed from the crate by hand reducing the amount of potential damage to the display. A forklift never touches a panel keeping trade show related repair costs at a minimum.
5.    Flexibility:
The versatile custom modular unit facilitates expanding or reducing trade show exhibit space without adding a variety of expensive components.
6.    Quality of Trade Show Exhibit Consistency:
Interchangeable panels and components built the same way every time to strict quality standards save costs and time.
7.    Potential 10% reduction in cost of production and reduced design time:

The majority of trade show design elements could be pre-engineered which reduces the time to build and money spent in production.

Custom modular exhibits are increasing in popularity as the next stage exhibit option in the trade show industry because they offer designs that create tremendous impact, ease of use and cost savings. Smart companies are looking to succeed in trade show exposure while properly managing the balance between dramatic exposure and disciplined cost constraints.

 Dick Wheeler is President of Professional Exhibits & Graphics, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The firm is a full-service premiere trade show exhibit, graphics and management services company. For additional information, go to
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cost Effectiveness of IT Outsourcing

Small businesses have been contracting computer consultants to fix their computers for many years. Usually this is because they have a small number of computers and hiring someone full time to maintain these small networks is not economical or efficient.

This article will focus on the three main benefits that companies experience when they choose to outsource their computer services through a third party. They may even employ or have employed their own IT staff in the past.

#1 Save Money & Time. Computer consultants are very cost effective, efficient and time saving, especially if you contract them on a retainer basis. A retainer is a prepaid service fee, usually paid monthly. This retainer service contract puts the consulting firm “on call” and no matter when, what, or how long it takes the firm to solve the problem they are legally and ethically bound to fix it so long as the services rendered are in the boundaries of the service contract. The more time the consultant spends the less per hour they make, intrinsically motivating them to be efficient. If your network is down and you are losing money by the minute, you will feel comforted to see this computer consultant firm onsite fixing the problem.
#2 Increased Company Performance. When hiring a computer consulting firm you are getting the combined experience of the whole firm plus all of their partners and resources. Even if your company has a full time IT person or two they may not have all the expertise needed to create the dependable robust IT solution needed to solve your problems. A consulting firm will complete the project with a more reliable and robust solution because their combined ability is greater. A more robust and reliable IT solution will boost your performance as a company.

#3 Professional Courtesy. A computer consulting firm is a different company than yours. Like you they are motivated to keep their clientele and expand their market share. Their reputation is the most important advertising tool they have. They compete against other IT firms, usually generating referrals to gain market share, a better reputation is worth its weight in gold. Thus they are naturally motivated to provide superior overall service to you.

In conclusion, outsourcing your IT can save your company money due to less down time, increase your company’s performance due to more reliable and robust IT solutions, and give you superior overall service because they compete for your business.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility:By Dr Shanker Adawal

There are customers, employees, shareholders and the neighbours. The business class should render their support to the general people. If they will be uplifted socially and economically, the productivity of the corporate is also bound to increase.

The corporate sector in India very often blames the government for poor governance and lack of farsightedness. The question that comes every time into mind is, do the corporate sector performs its duty to contribute to the overall growth of the country? Does it have right to blame the government for poor governance? Does it contribute to nation building?

In India, most of the corporate do not have a clear policy on social responsibility. While developed countries like England have separate ministries to look after the issue of corporate social responsibility, in India, the government does not have a clear policy on the issue. Out of very few companies who contribute to the social development, the basic intention was not to ensure the good of the nation, rather a business policy to stay away from the tax net.

The corporate and the government should try to build up a relationship between the business and the society. The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has so far failed to take deep root in India because the nomenclature is not properly defined. The CSR is in a nascent stage. Much needs to be done to bring changes in attitude towards CSR and bring awareness among the corporate about their social responsibilities. The corporate should be made aware about the changing nature of business due to globalization, transformation of market environment and deepening of competition. The market economy has paved the way for enterprise-led development and a new cultural perspective is taking place in Indian business environment that has a strong bearing on social responsibilities.

Social responsibility encompasses the sectors like health, education, employment, income and quality of life. It should be binding on the corporate sector to work on the above aspects, which are thought to be primary social indicators. They have enough money to serve the nation on the above segments of the society. They should not forget that if general health of the mass were good, they would have better bying capacity.

In 1970, Milton Friedman of New York Times rightly wrote: “ the social responsibility of business is to increase profits.” This view is often held and propounded by those who do not see much merit in companies being engaged in issues of Social Responsibility other than the making of profit. However, increasingly, the profit case, evident indicators that are tangible and the altruistic/ philanthropic/ ethical case, evident in the intangibles are getting blurred. In this context the purpose is to highlight the need for a paradigm shift in the importance of greater investment in intangibles to enhance corporate value.

Significance of CSR for India
The ideal corporate citizenship has ethical and philosophical dimension, particularly in India here wide gap exists between people in terms of income and living standards as well as social status.

A latest survey by the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) called ‘Altered Images: the 2001 State of Corporate Responsibility in India Poll’ Traces Back The History Of CSR In India and suggests that there are four models of CSR.

Ethical model
The origin of the first ethical model of corporate responsibility lie in the pioneering efforts of 19 th century corporate philanthropists such as the Cadbury brothers in England and the Tata family in India. The pressure on Indian industrialists to demonstrate their commitment to social development increased during the independence movement, when Mahatma Gandhi
developed the notion of ‘trusteeship’, whereby the owners of property would voluntarily manage their wealth on behalf of the people.

Gandhi’s influence prompted various Indian companies to play active roles in nation building and promoting socio-economic development during the 20th century. The history of Indian corporate philanthropy has encompassed cash or kind donations, community investment in trusts and provision of essential services such as schools, libraries, hospitals, etc. Many firms, particularly ‘family-run businesses’, continue to support such philanthropic initiatives.

Statist model
A second model of CSR emerged in India after independence in 1947, when India adopted the socialist and mixed economy framework, with a large public sector and state-owned companies. The boundaries between the state and society were clearly defined for the state enterprises. Elements of corporate responsibility, especially those relating to community and worker relationships, were enshrined in labour laws and management principles. This state sponsored corporate philosophy still operates in the numerous public sector companies that have survived the wave of privatization of the early 1990s.

Liberal Model
Indeed, the worldwide trend towards privatization and deregulation can be said to be underpinned by a third model of corporate responsibility – that companies are solely responsible to their owners. This approach was encapsulated by the American economist Milton Fried-man, who in 1958 challenged the very notion of corporate responsibility for anything other than the economic bottom line.

Many in the corporate world and elsewhere would agree with this concept, arguing that it is sufficient for business to obey the law and generate wealth, which through taxation and private charitable choices can be directed to social ends.

Stakeholder Model
The rise of globalisation has brought with it a growing consensus that with increasing economic rights, business also has a growing range of social obligations. Citizen campaigns against irresponsible corporate behaviour along with consumer action and increasing shareholder pressure have given rise to the stakeholder model of corporate responsibility. This view is often
associated with R. Edward Freeman, whose seminal analysis of the stakeholder approach to strategic management in 1984 brought stake holding into the mainstream of management literature (Freeman, 1984). Ac-cording to Freeman, ‘a stakeholder in an organisation is any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organisation’s objectives.’

Perception and practices of CSR in India
A survey was conducted by ORG-MARG for TERI-Europe in several cities of India in 2001. The basic purpose of the survey was to capture perceptions and expectations (related to corporate responsibility) of the following three sets of stakeholders such as general public, workers (skilled, semiskilled and un-skilled) and corporate executives (head of corporate relation, labour relations, welfare dept. and manufacturing dept. in MNCs, large and medium sized Indian companies).The poll gathered that people believe that companies should be actively engaged in social matters.
A majority of the general public feels that companies should be held fully responsible for roles over which they have direct control. These include providing good products and cheaper prices, ensuring that operations are environment friendly, treating employees fairly without any discrimination based on gender, race or religion and applying labour standards globally. More than 60% of the general public felt that the companies should also be held responsible for bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, reducing human rights abuses, solving social problems and increasing economic stability.

CSR as business success
CSR is considered to be an important aspect of business success– through efficient resource management, environment protection, employment, eco-friendly atmosphere, etc.

Ashok Khosla, President of Development Alternatives, an Indian NGO, is of the view that sustainability includes sustainable consumption and sustainable production and is thus the responsibility of both procedures and consumers. The CSR is not a one size fits all. The NGOs, citizens and governments must look at sizes, types and locations of companies to explore how
CSR can be brought to bear on companies.

The civil society is good for business and a tool for advancing corporate take-up of CSR. Therefore, the business should view civil society as being the CSR auditors for business and a friend to business, much like traditional auditors. There are lessons for business to learn from their interactions with civil society that cannot only re-duce risk but improve overall competitive

The business of the 21-st century will have no choice but to implement CSR. The sooner corporate houses realize this and aggressively pursue this process, the better off they will be. The laws need to be formulated to help in reinforcing CSR practices.

Indian CSR has traditionally been a matter of classical paternalistic philanthropy, financially supporting schools, hospitals and culture institutions. However, far from being an add-on motivated by altruism and personal glory, the philanthropic drive has been driven by business necessity. With minimal state welfare and infrastructure provision in many areas, companies had to ensure that their workforce had adequate housing, healthcare and education and simultaneously the country grows at a fast pace.

The CSR should not be merely a statement of intent. It should be made compulsory for the corporate operating in India. This will definitely help in upholding human rights. In this context, the following measures may be made mandatory to ensure participation of the corporate in social development:
•    Incorporation of a section on social actions in annual reports of companies
•    Appointment of an independent social accounting committee to measure, monitor, evaluate and report impact of CSR in annual reports
•    Separate department to look after the CSR
•    Periodic training programmes and awareness camps to train personnel on CSR
•    Linkage between CSR and financial success should be established
•    A certain percentage of profit should be earmarked for social development that should reflect
in the annual balance sheets of companies.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Corporate Shells.

A corporate shell could be likened to a house that had been occupied by a family. Prior to the family moving out it was a home. But now it is just shell, a skeleton, a plain house with nobody in it, but if a family was to purchase the house and move in, it becomes a home.

Similar, a corporate shell was once the home of an operating company but once the operating company ceases to reside there because of adverse circumstances ( bankruptcy or liquidation ) all that remains is the shell.

Buying and selling corporate shells has become big business, just a couple of years ago a corporate shell sold for approximately $150,000.00 today they go for upward of $500.000.00. Talk about inflation! The increase in price is due to increase scrutiny by the Securities and exchange commission and the demand for shell by Chinese companies seeking to become listed in the United States.

As usual when there is money to be made the vultures appear with their unscrupulous practices. In most cases the shells are own by the same operators who are also acting as consultants to the companies they are helping to become public. This may be a conflict of interest but they are able to hide their ownership well with the help of securities lawyer who may also have a piece of the shell.

The situation described above creates a huge conflict of interest that the regulators have yet to figure out because of the intricacy of the many participant who work in harmony and are able to conceal their actions from the regulators.

If the consultant indirectly own a shell and is trying to sell it to the company that they are advising, how well is he going to represent the client when it comes to price and the amount of shares that they are to Retain? And how about with assisting the company in performing the proper research on the shareholder list and the history of the shell.

Don’t get me wrong there are many honest and well meaning consultants and shell vendors who established the shells for the sole purpose of creating a vehicle for private companies to go public, Just like you have the unscrupulous characters that appear every time there is an opportunity to make money, you also have honest enterprising individual who see an opportunity and take advantage of it.

Once the operating company purchases the corporate shell and merges into it, the owner of the private company receives a majority of the shell corporation stock (usually 90-95% ) through a new issue of stock for the private enterprise.

The public corporation will normally change its name to the private company’s name and elect a new Board of Directors which will appoint the officers of the company. The public corporation will usually have a base of shareholders sufficient to meet the requirements for listing on the Nasdaq Small Cap Market of Nasdaq Bulletin Board. Although some shell have as few as 35-50 shareholders and are currently listed on Bulletin Board or the NQB pink sheets.

At our company we don’t have an inventory of shells nor do we recommend a single vendor, instead we recommend several and after the private company selects a vendor we approach the process as if we were buying the shell for ourselves.

For more information please visit our website:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Corporate Gift Baskets

Copyright 2006 Hali Shipon

The Corporate Gift Basket concept has grown hugely over the last few years.  Business owners have realised that there is nothing so important as cultivating their relationships, both with their clients and with their most outstanding employees. Fostering and nurturing professional relationships, whether employees, or clients, is absolutely vital to develop and maintain loyalty.

Giving a corporate gift basket really shows that you care --- and if you are able to send a basket which reflects a hobby or a theme of interest to the recipient, your gift basket will be appreciated all the more. For example, if you know the person receiving the corporate gift basket is a keen golfer, then look for golf related gift baskets.  Some of the more exclusive gift baskets contain useful items, such as practice golf balls.

It really does pay to get to know your customers and your employees likes and dislikes. On the other hand, if you want to say a big “thank you” then check out gift baskets with that theme.  These baskets are particularly appreciated around the holidays, which is an expensive time for most people.  Employees with large families may buy gifts for everyone else, and nothing for themselves. When selecting your online corporate gift basket provider, ensure you choose a company which offers quality items, delivered in a timely manner.  These two points are absolutely vital.  Attention to detail and care in presentation is also important.   Whether you are trying to say “Thank You” or “Keep Up The Good Work”, the corporate gift basket is a wonderful way to impress with your thoughtfulness and taste.   It is important to ensure that your gift basket is appropriate to the level of relationship you have with the recipient.  If anything, then err on the side of being more generous, rather than less.  After all, you are trying to further your business relationship with this person, and if they feel you have scrimped or saved a few dollars, the effect of the gift basket will be wasted.   If you are sending a corporate gift basket to a client who spends millions with your company, then sending an obviously cheap or badly presented basket could have an adverse effect. Also, sending one basket for an office of fifty people would not look good.   On the other hand, sending a basket worth a thousand dollars to someone who spends only a couple of hundred bucks every other year is not economically viable. And what a fabulous way to thank a much valued employee for clinching a lucrative deal for the company, or for completing a project successfully.  After receiving a corporate gift basket, it is unlikely that your valuable employee will be vulnerable to being head-hunted any time soon.

There is no better way to show you appreciate and value your employees.  Sending a corporate gift basket is virtually guaranteed to win the hearts of your employees. Personalising the basket is important, especially for high spending clients.  Everyone likes to be treated as an individual, rather than a group.  Maybe you can afford to send two baskets --- one for the office, and one for the individual?  The benefits of sending a luxury corporate gift basket are long term --- you will be reaping the rewards for many years to come.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

The corporate set up is fast evolving and the social aspects of one’s professional life cannot be understated. Gifting has become a way of life for most of us and this trend has extended into the corporate environment too.

Selecting the right gift is always a challenge as it speaks volumes about the person or organization presenting it. Gifts are very often used as image builders and hence care should be taken when picking them. With so many gift items to choose from, many companies prefer to opt for corporate gift baskets.

A corporate gift basket is essentially filled with a range of delicious food items. If a person knows the receiver’s preference, then customized gift baskets can be made. A corporate gift basket idea is popular because it is not gender specific and is relevant to people of all ages.

Gift baskets may be addressed to one person or could be sent to a group or department. Corporate gift basket ideas could include collections of cheese, wine, chocolates, candies, meats, appetizers, traditional and exotic seasonal fruits, or seafood.

Corporate gift baskets can be selected online and a bulk purchase is recommended as the company can often receive a discount. In case the gifts need to be hand delivered, several delivery agencies are available on the Internet. Chose a service close to the organization and they will do the rest. Since most corporate gift baskets include food items, it is ideal to choose contents that cater to the individual tastes of the receiver.

Corporate gift basket ideas can be incorporated in a company’s budgets as a business expense to acknowledge sincerity, show gratitude or honor efforts of employees.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Corporate Events: Make Your Business Shine Brightly

Corporate events can be a fun way to boost employee morale and sharpen certain skills that will help everyone communicate more effectively in the office. After all, for most people a good job is more than just good pay – creating a positive environment in which to work will help your company retain quality employees and ensure everyone’s happy with the corporate atmosphere. When ties are strengthened between fellow employees, everyone does a better job and productivity increases substantially.

There are a wide range of activities you can organize when staging corporate events. Some of them are explained in more detail below:

Treasure Hunts: A popular corporate event, treasure hunts are a whole lot of fun, but this type of activity also has a practical application. The task of working with fellow employees to navigate around a certain area, follow clues and accomplish objectives helps develop and hone a whole host of skills, from team planning, delegation, time and team management, to communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

Team Building Activities: Corporate events that are designed to bolster team spirit are a great idea to consider for your company. These activities usually involve simple problem-solving tasks that employees can master together away from the pressures of the office. In this type of relaxed environment they will learn how to more effectively join forces to solve problems as a team.

For instance, one such team building activity, called the grenade launcher, requires that the teams construct a launcher and successfully fire a missile across a gorge. An activity that is a lot of fun, it also helps teams work together in a friendly but competitive environment.

Another activity, called the spider’s web, requires that the team sneak past a giant spider hidden in a tree without alerting it. This particular event requires that the team do a lot of planning and establishes a level of trust between each person.

The minefield allows each person to learn more effective communication techniques. Each team has to come up with their own musical language in order to safely make it through a minefield.

Regardless of the skills you want to reinforce in your employees, choose a corporate event that will be a lot of fun for everyone involved and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Consejos Sabios para Llenar el Alma

Aquí te presento una lista de consejos para que no te sientas vació, y observar al pasado con una sonrisa. Las he obtenido de una persona que estaba al final de su vida y sintió que hubiera hecho muchas cosas diferentes y ha recetado una serie de consejos para aquel que este interesado en cambiar.

1) Habla menos; escucha más.
2) Escucha a las historias de tus abuelos a cerca de su juventud. Cuando ya no este, revivirás sus llamas por sus memorias.
3) Invita a amigos para cenar o picar algo, a pesar de que tu casa no este en condiciones.
4) Come mucho chocolate.
5) Invita amigos con chicos a tu casa a pesar de que hagan lió.
6) Siéntate en el pasto a pesar de que ensucie tus pantalones.
7) No compres algo solo porque durara mucho tiempo o porque es practico, hazlo porque quieres.
8) Quédate en cama relajado si te sientes enfermo y no pretendas que el mundo no puede continuar sin ti por un día.
9) Prende las velas que tienes de adorno en el salón y déjalas encendidas. No las dejes sin uso en el armario.
10) Comparte responsabilidades de la vida con un compañero, no solo las expensas.
11) (Para las mujeres) En vez de esperar al embarazo a que se termine, disfruta cada momento en tu corazón. Aprende que la vida dentro de ti es la única oportunidad que tienes de ayudar a Dios a crear magia.
12) Deja que tus hijos de abrasen y besen cuando quiera que lo deseen. No los detengas por ninguna razón como: "mas tarde", "ve a lavarte las manos", "deberemos comer" o demás. 
13) Di las próximas dos frases lo más seguido que puedas: "Te Amo" y "Lo siento."
14) Deja de preocuparte por quien te quiere o no te quiere, o que tiene quien o no tiene.
15) Valora todas las relaciones humanas personales.
16) Juega con una mascota cuando puedas. Riete y corre con ella y toma parte en sus juegos.
17) Pasa el mayor tiempo posible con la gente que te quiere.
18) Deja de transpirar por todos los pequeños detalles y problemas sin sentido de la vida.
19) Toma cada momento, míralo y déjalo. Nunca volverá de nuevo.

La persona que escribió estos sabios consejos se llamaba Susana, y tenia una hija de seis años. Susana enseño estos ideales básicos a un conocido mío y yo los he tratado de seguir también en honor a su memoria. Creo que puedo decir que convertirá a quienquiera que lo haga en una mejor persona, un mejor esposa o esposa, y en general  una persona mas feliz. Inclusive ahora creo que D'os ha bendecido a cada uno de nosotros, y deberemos aceptar estas bendiciones e intentar buscar sentirnos mas fuertes físicamente, mentalmente, y emocionalmente. Recuerda que todos tenemos la suerte de estar aquí, y aprovechar vivir la vida de la mejor manera posible, así que consejos para esa receta nunca están de mas.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Consejos Sabios para Lenar el Alma

Aquí te presento una lista de consejos para que no te sientas vació, y observar al pasado con una sonrisa. Las he obtenido de una persona que estaba al final de su vida y sintió que hubiera hecho muchas cosas diferentes y ha recetado una serie de consejos para aquel que este interesado en cambiar.

1) Habla menos; escucha más.

2) Escucha a las historias de tus abuelos a cerca de su juventud. Cuando ya no este, revivirás sus llamas por sus memorias.

3) Invita a amigos para cenar o picar algo, a pesar de que tu casa no este en condiciones.

4) Come mucho chocolate.

5) Invita amigos con chicos a tu casa a pesar de que hagan lió.

6) Siéntate en el pasto a pesar de que ensucie tus pantalones.

7) No compres algo solo porque durara mucho tiempo o porque es practico, hazlo porque quieres.

8) Quédate en cama relajado si te sientes enfermo y no pretendas que el mundo no puede continuar sin ti por un día.

9) Prende las velas que tienes de adorno en el salón y déjalas encendidas. No las dejes sin uso en el armario.

10) Comparte responsabilidades de la vida con un compañero, no solo las expensas.

11) (Para las mujeres) En vez de esperar al embarazo a que se termine, disfruta cada momento en tu corazón. Aprende que la vida dentro de ti es la única oportunidad que tienes de ayudar a Dios a crear magia.

12) Deja que tus hijos de abrasen y besen cuando quiera que lo deseen. No los detengas por ninguna razón como: "mas tarde", "ve a lavarte las manos", "deberemos comer" o demás.

13) Di las próximas dos frases lo más seguido que puedas: "Te Amo" y "Lo siento."

14) Deja de preocuparte por quien te quiere o no te quiere, o que tiene quien o no tiene.

15) Valora todas las relaciones humanas personales.

16) Juega con una mascota cuando puedas. Riete y corre con ella y toma parte en sus juegos.

17) Pasa el mayor tiempo posible con la gente que te quiere.

18) Deja de transpirar por todos los pequeños detalles y problemas sin sentido de la vida.

19) Toma cada momento, míralo y déjalo. Nunca volverá de nuevo.

La persona que escribió estos sabios consejos se llamaba Susana, y tenia una hija de seis años. Susana enseño estos ideales básicos a un conocido mío y yo los he tratado de seguir también en honor a su memoria. Creo que puedo decir que convertirá a quienquiera que lo haga en una mejor persona, un mejor esposa o esposa, y en general  una persona mas feliz. Inclusive ahora creo que D'os ha bendecido a cada uno de nosotros, y deberemos aceptar estas bendiciones e intentar buscar sentirnos mas fuertes físicamente, mentalmente, y emocionalmente. Recuerda que todos tenemos la suerte de estar aquí, y aprovechar vivir la vida de la mejor manera posible, así que consejos para esa receta nunca están de mas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Conoce a la Realeza y Aristocracia Europea

Una de las maneras más fáciles para conocer a tu príncipe o princesa es en los prestigiosos casinos de Europa. La realeza y Aristocracia salen a divertirse en cinco casinos en especial, y si estas adentro puedes hablar con ellos. También podrás jugar con ellos, y en contra de ellos, y si eres lo suficientemente bueno, podrás ganarles. Es emocionante la idea de haberle ganado a un rey. Estos cinco Hoteles Casinos te dan esta oportunidad.

Aquí deberás ir vestido elegante con traje o chaqueta y moño y zapatos elegantes, solo así te dejaran entrar y ser parte de la aristocracia europea, para jugar a un partido o dos de bacará con ellos.

Los Casinos alistados aquí son los mas grandes y lujosos en Europa. Su clientela no es de turistas de la temporada, sino la alta sociedad. Así que si estas buscando una forma lujosa de pasar un tiempo en el casino jugando a Dados u otro juego, puedes tirar los dados en uno de los casinos alistados aquí mientras que tus compañeros de viaje se relajan en la rivera francesa, o hacen compras en las casas de renombre en Londres o Moscú.

1) Casino de Monte Carlo, Mónaco:
Este es el sitio favorito de los ricos y famosos en Europa por mas de 150 años con el primer casino fundado por el Príncipe Carlos III de Mónaco en 1863. EL Casino de Monte Carlo es un complejo de cinco casinos "posh" ubicados en la costa decorados con un etilo rococó francés con columnas enmarmoladas, ornamentos de oro y candelabros de cristal. El ambiente te hará sentir como un participante en una película de época francesa.

2) Casino Metropol, Moscú:
La Federación Rusa tiene la mayor cantidad de casinos y maquinas tragamonedas en Europa del Este. Los mejores casinos para turistas son desde ya los que están ubicados en los hoteles. Casino Metropol, que no solo es uno de los mas elegantes en la zona sino que también es conveniente localizado en el centro de la ciudad de Moscú a solo unos minutos del Kremlin. El monto mínimo para las apuestas es de 25 en cada mesa y una noche en la suita presidencial cuesta 2,000 dólares.

3) Baden Baden Casino, Alemania:
El casino veterano europeo fue fundado en 1809 y a pesar de que ha cambiado varios dueños desde entonces, su reputación como uno de los más finos en Europa y en Alemania especialmente no ha cambiado.  Hoy en día, el Casino Baden Baden es una de las atracciones principales en la ciudad junto con los famosos baños termales. Si ignoras a los juegos de mesa y las maquinas tragamonedas. Caminar por la enorme sala se siente similar a una visita a un museo de arte europea, con exhibiciones permanentes de óleo y esculturas.

4) Clermont Club, Londres Inglaterra:
Si visitas Inglaterra, no puedes solo ir a cualquier casino sin ser miembro previamente. SI decidas seguir ese procedimiento, el Clermont Club en Berkley es uno de los clubes de apuestas con mejor reputación alrededor. Construido en el siglo 17, fue diseñado para parecerse al Great Hall en Holkham. También, el casino Clermont Club incluye una sala de apuestas amistosa y conveniente, con un bar donde los miembros y sus invitados pueden disfrutar de un banquete con una botella de champaña de estilo. Recuerda que jugar en casinos en línea es legal ahora en Inglaterra así que puedes hacerlo desde cualquier café online.

5) Casino Barriere de Deauville, Francia:
El elegante casino resort ha inspirado a Ian Fleming en su primera novela de James Bond Casino Royale. Fundado en 1860 por Duc de Morny, este extravagante lugar es uno de los hermosos <a href="">casinos</a> en el mundo. Además de sus facilidades en apuestas, Casino Barriere ofrece variedad de entretenimiento exclusivo, espectáculos y eventos artísticos.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cold Calling Has A Dark Side

Copyright 2006 Frank Rumbauskas

Have you ever wondered why sales managers are so insistent that you cold call?

Have you ever wondered why many companies will not even consider a marketing budget, and instead mandate cold calling, make it a job requirement, and tell you you’ll be fired if you don’t do it?

Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that you’d be paid so much in salary just to run around collecting fifty business cards a day, or making fifty telephone calls when your talents are so much better than that?

There is a reason for all this insanity. It’s the dark side of cold calling, and the real reasons why many companies still force salespeople to engage in this old, antiquated method of doing business.

First of all, cold calling doesn’t cost the company money. It costs you money. They get to avoid spending money on marketing, and instead they let you do the hard work of cold calling. This is in spite of the fact that cold calling has the lowest returns of any and all sales activities, and therefore leaves you with the lowest possible paycheck.

Second, cold calling doesn’t cost the company time. If they wanted to put together a marketing plan they’d either have to hire more employees to do it, take current employees away from other duties, or hire an outside firm to implement it. Instead, they tell you to do it. This saves manpower and eliminates the need to either hire new employees or hire an outside consultant. The end result is that is costs you time and forces you to waste your valuable time on the lowest-percentage sales activity instead of on something more productive.

The insanity of all this is that trying to save time and money by forcing you to cold call ends up costing the company huge amounts of time and money! It obviously isn’t profitable to have salespeople cold calling when it consistently has the lowest returns of all sales activities. However, they do it anyway, with the belief that it’s a smart way to cut corners. The fact of the matter is that having salespeople cold call is penny-wise and pound-foolish. It lets companies cut corners in the short term, but with very dire long-term consequences. Cold calling, when relied upon as the main source of new business, frequently leads to lost profits, downsizing and even bankruptcy.

Companies that are succeeding today don’t bother with cold calling. They implement a marketing plan that generates qualified leads, and they provide those leads to the salespeople, who simply go out and close them. This is the only sensible way to do business in the twenty-first century.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coal Reduces Reliance On Foreign Oil

Recently, the price of a barrel of oil rose to $40, the most expensive price in American history. With the rise in oil prices and constant instability in the Middle East, the United States seems headed for an energy crisis.

But there is an abundant, low-cost energy source located throughout the country. That energy source is coal.

After years of mine shutdowns, there is a renewed interest in coal in the United States. Companies such as Quest Minerals and Mining Corp. are now reopening mines and resuming coal production.

There are 274 billion tons of coal in mines across the country. That amount of coal could last the United States for about 250 years, considering that the average American uses 7,000 pounds of coal each year. Using this resource decreases dependence of foreign oil and stimulates the economy in several ways.

First, coal stimulates the American economy by maintaining and creating jobs for people that work in the mines and in coal transportation. For each of the four major freight rail lines, coal represents at least 40 percent of the total tonnage hauled each year. Many people are dependent on coal for their livelihood and will remain so if Americans increase their use of coal as an energy source.

Moreover, because coal is a domestic resource, the cost of transporting it is much lower than the cost of importing oil from other nations. Transportation costs of coal are also lower because there are more options for transporting coal from one place to another. Coal is carried by barge and by train.

Using coal is beneficial for more than just jobs and reducing transportation costs. The abundance of coal allows the price to remain stable, unlike oil prices in the volatile Middle East. Commodities like coal, whose costs remain stable or decrease, keep inflation low. Low inflation rates allow Americans to be confident that their savings and investments are safe.

Another major benefit of coal power is the cost of electricity generated by coal. Generation of coal power costs one-fourth that of natural gas power generation. Businesses using coal power keep their overhead costs low and maximize profitability. Furthermore, coal is used to generate electricity for telecommunications, computers and all other electric-based technologies that boost the American economy.

The benefits of coal power make it a logical choice for the power source of the future of the United States.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coal Helps America Through Power and Jobs

You may not realize it, but the coal industry plays a large part in the U.S. economy.

One major way coal affects the economy is through electricity. The majority of America's electricity comes from coal. So when coal prices are low, like they are right now, electricity is cheaper and the lower prices spur economic growth.

Electricity is a crucial part of American life. In fact, it is a $200 billion a year commodity, making it the largest commodity in the United States.

When the prices for large commodities, like electricity, stay low or go down, inflation stays low. So, commodity price fluctuations prove to be strong economic indicators.

The lower electric rates from low coal prices can affect inflation rates now and in the future. And low interest rates can help protect the savings and investments of millions of Americans.

In addition, new technology is linked to electricity usage and thus the economy. The increasing purchase and use of technological advances, like computers, cell phones and personal data organizers, greatly increases consumption of electricity from coal. Therefore, when consumers purchase these items, they drive the economy in two ways: with their purchase and with their electricity usage.

America's need for electricity from coal can also be seen in the almost direct relationship between electricity use and economic activity. For example, every 1 percent increase in the gross domestic product has caused about a 1 percent increase in electricity demand.

In addition to electricity, coal affects the economy through job creation, revenue and taxes. The coal industry and related business have created more than 90,000 jobs in the United States alone and almost 1 million jobs worldwide.

Thirty-seven billion dollars, or nearly 1 percent of all the earnings of Americans, comes from coal-related work.

The value of coal produced in the United States each year is nearly $18 billion. Coal mining has a combined direct and indirect impact of $161 billion annually on the U.S. economy. This is $596 for every U.S. citizen.

California and New York are two of the states benefiting most from coal, yet they are not home to any coal mining. In fact, every U.S. state benefits economically from coal.

Coal businesses pay more than $11 billion in federal taxes each year. Nine billion dollars in coal revenues go to state and local governments annually.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Coaching; The Language Of Recognition

As she rushed through the office, Kacy Dillon, the divisional Director stopped briefly by Ian Brechin's desk, gave him the "thumbs-up" sign and said "Great job, Brechin, you did well!" She then sped off in the direction of her next meeting leaving Ian a little bemused. He was struggling with this new computer system and had just crashed it for the third time this morning. Was she being sarcastic or was she referring to the major deal he had just closed with what was to be the company's largest client. Hopefully the latter!

From time to time you can see examples where managers act as spectators. Their behavior; the words they use and their body language would not be out of place at a soccer or baseball match. They would be sitting in the stands chewing on a hot dog, swigging a beer and shouting criticism at the players (their staff) on the field. There is very little connection between the manager and the staff other than they happen to be sitting in the same building.

This image is used to highlight the profound difference between the 'manager as coach' and the 'manager as spectator'. A coach works individually with each of the players, helping them to overcome setbacks and obstacles to progress. They understand how their players respond to different types of motivation and how their family life and health affect their performance.

Most of all coaching is carried out on a very frequent basis. You don't wait for the big match to give your advice to the team in the way that the 'manager as spectator' does. You work really closely with everyone in the team to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your defense and your strikers before they have to be tested under pressure.

The Language of Coaching

Spectator language is full of demands; "Do this, do that, do the next thing." There is no time or space for discussion, experimentation and, god forbid, failure. Spectator managers need results and they need them now.

The language of a coach is significantly different. First of all the coach is an integral part of the team; more often found on the field than in their fur-lined office. Team language tends to contain the word "We" and you will hear a softer tone to the questions "How can we improve this? How can we make that happen faster, more accurately or more consistently?" It is a relationship of trust between two adults rather than a critical parent talking down to a child.

Ian Brechin's co-worker, Joanna Collins came to his assistance with the new computer system. "I've found some work-arounds that avoid crashing the system, let me show you." Then, almost as an afterthought she added "I hope you realize how proud we all are that you closed the Grossman deal, you'll need to share some of your trade secrets with the rest of us." Ian smiled, wondering why Joanna's piece of recognition seemed more valuable than Kacy Dillon's.

Monday, December 12, 2011

CNC Rotary Tables

A CNC Rotary table is a piece of CNC milling equipment used for precision metalworking. It is similar than a dividing head or indexing head except that it is fixed to be used in only two planes, the horizontal plane and the vertical plane. A CNC Rotary table is used for CNC milling and is made up of a solid base that has proper provisions for clamping metal material on tables and other kinds of equipment. The table of this CNC milling equipment is a precision machined disc that also has provision to clamp materials in it, that is aided with a T slot. This CNC milling equipment can rotate by itself or be controlled by a worm or a handheld operational control.

1. Extreme Accuracy

A graduated dial and a vernier scale allow this rotary table to be positioned to a high degree of accuracy. The center of CNC milling equipment has hole that allows a morse taper center or fixture to be inserted. A tailstock is usually provided if the rotary table can be mounted from its end, so that the axis will be horizontal. The most common use of this CNC milling equipment is on it vertical axis that in this mode is on the same plane as the cutter when it is used on a milling machine.

2. Coaxial Design

If the CNC rotary table is mounted on a secondary table the work piece is adjusted in the center around the rotary tables axis, in this position the work piece is centered around the cutting tools axis; this make all three axis coaxial. Making a way for the secondary table to be offset in either the x or y plane so that the cutter is pitched at a distance from the work piece’s center allowing a simultaneous operations on the work piece.

3. Specialized Or General?

There are literally hundreds of CNC milling equipments available on the market today with different specifications and different additional features. They come in all types of shapes and sizes. Some are designed for specific applications, while others are more of general purposes in nature. When looking for the right CNC rotary tables, try to talk to people who already using this kind of equipments from them you can learn how this things work. The good thing about talking to this people is that you will gain information not based on industrial propagandas but on experience and uses of there CNC milling equipments. You can also visit a shop in your area so that you will ly see on how CNC rotary tables work. You can eve try to use one CNC milling equipment to know how it feels. You can also attend CNC seminars to be able to gain professional views about his matters and also do not forget to check online information sites.

4. Setting Up Shop

When setting up your CNC rotary tables make sure that the platform is stable and your CNC milling machine secure. Setting up your CNC milling machines is a critical issue to early success, the less movement that occur the better. The right material to be used should also be thought about when using this kind of CNC milling machines. Determine the right thickness and sizes of your materials. Also look for proper fixtures for your CNC milling machines, for this will save time, money and frustration when using your CNC rotary tables.

Before going into production, make a plan to test the different variables you need to work with for a period of time. Getting familiar with your machine is also a critical issue for success. Try to make familiar with the different types of cut, type of materials to be cut, the table type, the depths of cut, the feed rates and the type and sizes of bits that you will be utilizing. Feel around the machine but not literally though for it may I injure you.

5. Satefy

Make sure to read your manuals and have a thorough understanding about the safety measures and the different features of your CNC milling machines. Have a good idea on how this things works. On what it can do to make your business prosper and also on how it can harm your employees.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Clinical Research Organizations shifting focus to North India

Going further and analyzing Indian market, so far Hyderabad is considered as a key location for the drug manufacturing and Clinical/Contract Research with a majority of units located in and around this city in the south central part of the country. But as of now companies are shifting there focus to other regions also and wants to exploit better opportunities available in other parts of the country as well.

Northern India being an emerging market, companies face a number of unique hurdles and often gets perplexed before entering this lucrative region. As North India is most sought after market theses days,this articles explores scope and feasibility of pharmaceutical,CRO(Clinical/Contract Research Organization) and biotechnology market, and answers the following key questions:

<strong>Who are the key players in the Northern India CRO market?

Regulations environment in northern India ?

The scenario of super specialty hospitals and pool of trained investigators ?

Opportunities available in Northern India for conducting clinical trials ?

How can companies engage with India for collaboration ?  </strong>

Literally speaking Contract or Clinical Research Organization (CRO) refers to a person or an organization who is contracted to conduct clinical trials and duties with sponsor. India holds a market of $300 to $500 million in the field of Clinical Research Organization(CRO). Where Northern India constitutes ten percent of it and generates revenue of $40 million out of it.

Genetically diverse population and people who have not been exposed to many medications but have a range of diseases from tropical to severe diseases provides a reason strong enough to consider North India the front runner in the race of clinical research.

Adding to the diverse patients, Northern India has highly qualified and skilled doctors,Super specialty hospital,Medical Research Centers for clinical studies and experienced CRO's. Also, Northern India provides the most cost effective clinical trials, that too with the competitive infrastructure available for conducting clinical trials.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Clean the Hard Drive Before Dumping Your PC

<h2>Clean the Hard Drive Before Dumping Your PC </h2>
<h2>If you're getting rid of your old computer, chances are there's sensitive data on it. Make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. </h2>
By Kim Komando
<p>If you're getting rid of your old computer there are some things you should know about it. </p>
<p>Chances are there's sensitive data on it. If you're like me, that PC's hard drive contains a compilation of your personal and <a href="">business</a> life. If the wrong people were to grab it, they could hurt you and your business very seriously. </p>
<h3>Is the Data Really Gone? </h3>
<p>Here's the problem: An index of files is maintained for the hard drive, telling it where things are stored. When you install a file, especially a big one, it is scattered around the hard drive in bits and pieces. On your command to open the file, the hard drive checks the index, then gathers the pieces and reconstructs them. </p>
<p>When that file is deleted, the links between the index and the file disappear. That tells your system that the file is no longer needed and that hard drive space can be overwritten. But the deleted file remains on your computer. Only when it is overwritten do you begin to be safe. Even then, a specialist might be able to recover the old data. </p>
<p>Assuming you just deleted everything in preparation for saying goodbye to your PC, it is unlikely that the sensitive information has been overwritten. It's still sitting there, and anybody with the right software could find it. </p>
<h3>Do You Trust the Recipient? </h3>
<p>How you handle this really depends on where the computer is going. If a trusted employee or your Aunt Minnie is getting it, you can probably just delete everything. If you're selling it or giving it away to a stranger, you might want to do some more work. </p>
<p>So here are my four suggestions. </p>
<h3>1. Give the Computer to a Trusted Employee, Friend or Family Member </h3>
<p>If you trust who you give it to, I wouldn't put a lot of effort into destroying data. Recovering deleted data isn't automatic. A thief or con artist will have to get some specialised software and learn to use it. Lots of boring data would have to be sorted to find the good stuff. The average (honest) person isn't going to bother. </p>
<p>So if you give the PC to someone you trust, you should simply delete the files. More extensive work probably isn't worth the effort. Just be sure the recipient is honest. </p>
<h3>2. Reformat the Hard Drive and Re-install the Operating System </h3>
<p>Reformatting a disk prepares it to accept a new operating system. It also wipes out everything on the hard drive. That's your goal. </p>
<p>Reformatting will keep most people out of your old files. But specialised shareware exists to reclaim files after reformatting. If you do not know who will get the computer — or you do know and you don't trust them — stronger measures are required. </p>
<h3>3. Buy Software and Overwrite the Disk, Again and Again and Again </h3>
<p>If you don't know much about computers, this might be easier than Step 2. There are several programs that write gibberish to the hard drive. They promise that nobody will be able to find your files after the software is utilised. </p>
<p>Norton's SystemWorks includes an application called Wipe Info. OnTrack's DataEraser offers a similar feature, as does Jetico's BCWipe. There are more such applications on the Internet. </p>
<p>You can leave the operating system and other files on the hard disk, if you want. These programs can be set to overwrite only the unoccupied areas. The process can be slow, because they write to the disk repeatedly. You might want to run it overnight. </p>
<h3>4. You're Totally Paranoid, so Get Out the Acetylene Torch </h3>
<p>I'm not kidding. The only absolute and assured way of protecting your data is to destroy the hard drive. To do that, you need to remove it from the computer. </p>
<p>The Pentagon shreds its hard drives. That should work, assuming you can find a hard-drive shredder. I've never seen one. </p>
<p>You need to destroy the platters inside. Try smashing them with a hammer. Destroying them with a torch should work. </p>
<p>Step 4 seems excessive to me. But you're right to be paranoid about this. Identity theft is becoming more and more common. Be careful, no matter who gets the computer. </p>

Friday, December 9, 2011


Christmas Greetings are a variety of greetings that are said to friends, family, coworkers and others around Christmas time. Christmas Greetings are said with the best of intentions. The most popular Christmas Greeting is “Merry Christmas,” referring directly to the joyous spirit felt by so many around the Christmas holiday.

Christmas Greetings can also be written in a Christmas card or email. Many popular Christmas Greetings are displayed on wrapping paper, ornaments and Christmas decorations. The winter months are a popular time to shop – people have presents to buy and stockings to fill. Many retailers decorate their stores with Christmas-themed decorations and employees often wish shoppers Christmas Greetings throughout the holiday season.

Christmas Greetings can vary depending on cultural and religious differences. If you are unclear about what ethnic background or culture someone is, it is best to just send a card with a secular sentiment, such as “Happy Holidays,” “Seasons Greetings,” or “Peace on Earth.” If you are certain that someone does not celebrate Christmas, but would still like to let them know you are thinking of them during this holiday season, send a Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Hanukkah or Kwanza card instead.

The holiday season is fast approaching and now is the time to start thinking about your Christmas Greeting Cards. Most people would agree that sending Christmas Greeting Cards is as fun as receiving them. Christmas Greeting Cards are typically sent to friends and family to show them how much you care. People enjoy receiving Christmas Greeting Cards, just as much as you like to send them.

Most Christmas Greeting Cards are available in stores or online beginning in October. Planning ahead allows you to finalize who you are sending your Christmas Greeting Cards to and figure out what you are going to write for each. The more personalized your Christmas greeting card is, the better. Update your friends and family on your personal life, your spouse, your children and what you are doing at work.

Sending Christmas Greeting Cards can be a fun activity for the entire family. Children can help put stamps and return address labels on and parents can write the greetings inside the Christmas Greeting Card. It can be difficult to find just the right greeting card that combines meaningful words with inspiring images, so plan in advance and make it a fun activity for the entire family.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Choosing the Right Prepaid Calling Card in Making Calls

If you are a student, travel a lot or living abroad and you would like to always keep in touch with family and friends, there will be no better way but to give them a call. How enjoyable it is for you to hear their voices and share things with them.

If you want to keep in touch and to do long distance calls, prepaid calling cards are the answers. With the use of prepaid calling card, you can save money and can cut your phone bills in half and it can help you track your calls.

Indeed, using prepaid calling cards have lots advantages. In using prepaid calling card, you can stay with your budget. You also won’t be stressed out in thinking about the money you owe a company. With prepaid calling card, you can say goodbye with monthly bills and worries about the money that you need to pay for company for your accumulating outstanding balance.

There are so many prepaid calling cards in the market nowadays. But you do not have to simply buy one and use it without actually knowing the information about the prepaid calling card. There are some prepaid calling cards that come up with very cheap rates but you will be surprise with the surcharges and taxes midway. Many customers were lured with cheap prepaid calling cards, so be careful, do not let this happen to you too.

So how can you find the right prepaid calling card that can give you convenience and satisfaction? So just read on in order to have the answer.
If you do not want to waste your money in checking out the right prepaid calling card that can suit your needs, you can ask for referrals or recommendations from family and friends. Of course, these people will very much willing to help you out; they are open to criticism and also in giving you the best one for you.

You can also try to do simple research in finding it for your own you can use the internet in finding the right prepaid calling card. The best thing to do is to find a reliable company or site first. You can check out its reliability if the company or site can give you the necessary information or details about the prepaid calling card.

As soon as you find the right company or site, you can start searching for prepaid calling card. So if you are eyeing for a particular prepaid calling card, you can make an assessment in order to check out if it is the right one.
You can also try out the prepaid calling card by buying a small amount and find it for yourself if it is a good one, if it can give you the satisfaction and convenience you need.

If you could only give some of your time and effort in finding the right one, soon you can conveniently make calls any time and any where with the use of your prepaid calling card.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Choosing The Right Business Structure

Copyright 2006 Konstantin Goudkov

Now that you're ready to set up a shop and call yourself an entrepreneur, the next thing you have to decide is the business structure you're going to use.

Your business structure will decide what kind of taxes and how much in taxes you'll pay, how you will register it, how many people will be in business with you up to the nitty-gritty details of your day-to-day operations. Choosing the right business structure is just as important as choosing the right product to sell, as this will play a huge part in the administrative side of your business.

So what are your options? There are different kinds of structures but these have been categorized into two: the corporate and the non-corporate.

The corporate structures are typically the different kinds of corporations which include the Business Corporation, also known as the C-corporation. Also among the corporate structures are the S-corporation and the Close Corporation.

For non-corporate structures, we have: Sole proprietorship, the different kinds of Partnerships (General Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships) and the Limited Liability Company.

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages -- but all of these may be relative depending on your needs and goals.

To give you a guide on choosing the best business entity for yourself, consider these factors:

a) Liability Protection -- getting into business is always a risk. No matter how much time, effort and money you put into it, there are no real guarantees for success. There are structures which offer maximum liability protection for the business owners, and some which do not. For example, if your business gets a lawsuit, who pays? You or your business? The answer depends on the kind of business structure your business has. Most often, if your business is a high-risk venture, it would be best to choose structures which will offer maximum liability protection like LLC's or corporations.

b) Taxes -- Taxes is one of the major concerns of would-be-businessmen. The question most often asked is: What type of structure will enable me to pay least in tax dollars? Certain types of structures like the sole proprietorship and partnership allow business owners to be taxed only once -- at the personal income level, while some structures like the C-corporation and closed corporation have double taxation. The LLC on the other hand, is taxed depending on the number of its members.

The value of knowing the taxation principles for each structure is important especially if your business will be immediately profitable in its early years.

c) Control and Management -- who will manage your business? How many have stakes on your business? How much control are you willing to relinquish to others? Do you want to run your business by yourself?

Your business structure often decides how much control you and the other stakeholders would have over the business. If you want maximum control where you and nobody else has a say, then sole proprietorship is the way to go. However, if there are other stakeholders, there are structures which can define the amount of control the co-owners will have. Limited partnership for example, gives the active partner maximum control over the day to day operation of the business, with the limited partner having no say whatsoever in its operations. However, if you and your partners demand the same rights, the limited liability company is a good option since under the law all members are given equal rights over the business.

If control is an issue, look into the management aspect of each structure and choose what will be most acceptable for you.

d) Continuity and transferability -- How long will you be in business? If you have no clear cut answer or if your answer is "as long as it is profitable" consider the continuity or lifespan of a business. There are structures which can grant unlimited life for a business -- meaning, that even if the owners die or the stakeholders sell their share, the business can continue. Some structures do not allow this, and are dissolved much more easily in certain circumstances like the owner's death, the partner moving out, divorce, buying out and so on. Another issue which you should also consider is transferability or the ease of selling your shares or interests in a business in case you wanted out. Corporate structures give the owners ease in transferring their shares to another stockholder or member just by signing it over. On the other hand, LLCs and partnerships will have a harder time of transferring their shares or interests without the company getting dissolved unless they have a buy-out agreement in place.

e) Capitalization -- how much capital do you have to set up a business? Obviously, simpler structures like sole proprietorships and partnerships can be set up for a minimal cost. Corporate structures on the other hand, have a lot of paperwork, both in its initial set-up and maintenance that it requires some real hard cash to run. If you will need additional capital later on, consider the structure that will allow you to do this with minimum fuss. For example, corporations can easily raise money by offering their stocks to the public, while a sole proprietorship is limited to raising funds from personal loans or bank loans.

The bottom line -- nobody can tell what business structure is right for you, but yourself. Choosing the right entity requires a lot of careful deliberation on your part. Aside from the factors above, you should also consider your resources at hand and your management capability. Being aware of your particular strengths and needs and being informed of the different aspects of the each business structure is important to identify the right business structure for you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Choosing The Best Paint Booth For Your Company

When it comes to choosing anything for your company, including a paint booth, you realize the importance of having and using quality products. Of course, you would like to pay as little as possible for those elements as well. But, getting the combination of services is much more difficult than you would like. The good news is that you can choose any paint booth that you like based on price once you take a look at these suggestions.

Here are some suggestions to help you find the best paint booth for your company’s needs:

• The most important feature of any paint booth is its durability. It must be able to withstand whatever you throw at it and then some more.

• You also want a paint booth that offers superior strength to help you throughout all of your specifically large needs.

• But, what about what it is made from? You need high quality electrical components that again meet your needs and exceed them.

• You probably would like for someone to be in your area to come out and help you for your mechanical and operational needs. If it does break down, is there an area representative to come out and help you? This may be something you are looking for.

• It needs to be efficient of course, You’ll want to make sure it is able to do the job in the right amount of time and that it does so with excellent quality.

• Many look for a quiet exhaust fans when it comes to paint booth choices.

• Lastly, but definitely not in the least, you need a quality, precision engineered paint booth. You need the product to be the best, well built machine out there to serve your needs completely.

The paint booth that you choose from here can be any price range, as long as it meets your high level of needs for high quality.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Short Lesson on Real Estate

Where did the notion that men should buy houses for women come from? Some people say that this is based on our natural instinct. Like any other animal, parents want to protect their young for the continuation of the species. Anyway, asked that question because I wanted to know why business relating to real estate is suddenly making becoming popular. Before you had the buying and selling of properties. Now, with the widespread use of the Internet, we have real estate trading which is basically “I buy yours you buy mine” kind of arrangement.
The term real estate is used to refer to any property, which is permanently attached to land such as buildings and houses. Most people refer to it as real property but there are situations wherein the term real estate is used for the land and the building together while real property refers to the ownership rights of the land itself. On the other hand, the word real is used to categorize these properties as things as opposed to people. Records show that the idea of real estate can be traced as far back as 1666.
With the idea of personal property becoming more widespread, real estate has become a major area of business in the United States. In fact, economists claim that the reason for the recent economic slump is due to the lower revenue generated by this industry. In order for the US to get back on track, Americans need to view land and buildings as an investment.
There are many types of real estate: residential, commercial or industrial property. The most common transactions involve the buying and selling of residential properties such as apartments, condominiums and a duplex. Sometimes families who want to move to a different state finds it difficult to find dwellings on their own so they usually do a map search of the area they’re moving to so as to find any houses which are either for sale or for rent. This way, they get to pick the properties they want without having to travel yet, thereby saving time, effort and money. In some cases, people contact a real estate agent who can then give them a tour of the area so that they get to see the houses and to possibly bargain for the price of the property.
In US and Canada, finding property is easy because of the existence of the multiple listing system or MLS – a data base wherein real estate brokers can share information about the properties their clients are planning to sell, or in some cases, planning to buy. Most people who want to buy a house usually have no idea where to start so they call a real estate broker. When you do so, the broker searches the MLS to find details about the property. At present, there are about 800 different MLS in the US with new competitors like Google Base, Craigslist and Cribfinder entering the public domain.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Choosing The Best Business Broker

<p>Buying a business today is an involved and complicated process requiring expertise in many different areas (i.e., legal, accounting, tax, business valuation and due diligence). With thousands of businesses available navigating your way to the right one can be an arduous task.</p>

<p>A <a href="">Business Broker</a> can be a very effective tool to identify, locate, screen and value each targeted business and thereafter, in obtaining financing, negotiating the purchase, coordinating the due diligence and supervising the preparation of all transaction documents through the closing.</p>

<p>In the event you as the buyer attempt to purchase a business without the aid of a broker, realize that the listing broker represents the seller who pays his or her commission.  Since most listing brokers will ordinarily not do anything to jeopardize a sale, you cannot rely on the seller's broker to advise you objectively.  Never lose sight of that fact!</p>

<p>For most published listings, the listing broker will "cooperate" and "share" the listing, and the commission, with the broker hired by the buyer.  In this case, it will not cost the buyer any fees or commissions to obtain exclusive representation. </p>

<p>Once you decide to hire a business broker, seek out a <a href="">competent professional</a>.  The vast majority are unprofessional and quite dysfunctional when it comes to understanding the transaction, valuing the business and providing customer service and support. Furthermore, most business brokers have never owned or even purchased a business or professionally represented or counseled business owners.  In California, one need only become a licensed real estate broker to sell business opportunities.</p>

<p>At a minimum, a qualified business broker can greatly facilitate find the right business, especially if the broker is well acquainted with your purchase criteria. Although there are many <a href="">business listing services</a>, some brokerage firms have software programs that can consider your purchase criteria, investment amount, owner benefits and other factors and produce a more focused and narrow search (see:  This can be extremely important.  As you will soon find out, unlike purchasing real estate, evaluating a business is a very time consuming process. Therefore, it is important to apply your resources effectively.</p>

<p>So how do you go about finding a good business broker? Our <a href="">Quantum Business Solutions Network</a> professionals have listed a few essential ingredients in your search for a competent business broker (for a description of the full range of business broker services offered to <a href="">California business buyers and sellers</a>, please visit</p>

<strong>Before you sign an Agreement</strong>
<p><strong>Broker’s profile</strong><br />

The best brokers are affiliated with accredited Associations relevant to their state and profession. For example, in the state of California, the best business brokers are registered with the California Association of Business Brokers ( and the International Business Brokers Association  (</p>

<p>Make sure the <a href="">California business broker</a> is qualified to provide competent representation. The firm or the individual should have their own website which is regularly updated with news, articles and business listings. Excellent contact details, company profile as well as having well qualified  professional such as accountants, attorneys, etc.</p>

<p><strong>Expectations</strong><br />
The business broker should clearly attempt to understand your exact purchase criteria, investment objectives, background and experience.  This will ensure that the broker is not wasting your time and missing viable business opportunities in the marketplace (a good business brokerage firm will maintain its own network of listings, many of which are not “published” and unavailable to the general public).  In addition, a competent business broker will continually narrow the focus of the search based upon your constant feedback. There should be a mechanism in place to accomplish this task.  Quantum Business Solution Network employs uniquely designed business buyer software which constantly narrows the search and identification process.</p>

<p><strong>Communication</strong><br />
Take some time before committing to a particular business broker and see how responsive he or she is at the outset.  Attempt to inquire about the nature and scope of the services offered.  Determine if they respond in a timely and comprehensive manner. </p>

<p>The best business brokers are excellent communicators and always respond in a timely manner (in business purchase and sale transactions time kills deals) and often serve an indispensible element toward ensuring the flow of the transaction toward a smooth closing.</p>

<p>The listing agreement/contract should include: <br />
<li>length of time they will be representing you (6-12 months is typical) </li>
<li>the type of the agency relationship offered by the broker (you want the broker to serve as your “exclusive” agent)</li>
<li>the manner and payment of the broker’s compensation</li>
<li>the nature and scope of the brokers duties</li></ul>

<p><strong>About the Author</strong><br>
<a href="">Quantum Business Solutions Network</a> is a full service <a href="">Southern California business consulting</a> and <a href="">licensed brokerage firm</a>. Quantum Business Solutions Network is comprised of professionals that combine valuation, financial, marketing, legal, accounting, tax and transactional structuring expertise to initiate, execute and consummate business acquisition and divestiture transactions.</p>

&copy; Copyright 2007, Quantum Business Solutions Network. All rights reserved. <br>
This Article is Copyright protected. Republishing & syndication of this article is granted only with the due credit, as mentioned, retained in the republished article. Permission to reprint or republish does not waive any copyright. The text, hyperlinks embedded on the article and headers should remain unaltered. This article must not be used in unsolicited mail.</p>

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Choosing Quality Office Accessories

Selecting quality office furniture and accessories such as lighting, desks, chairs and floor mats, requires more than just a passing thought. Whether it involves home offices or Fortune 500 companies, careful consideration in furnishing and accessorizing your office could make a difference in health and comfort of the body as well as simple wear and tear of office flooring.

The Importance of Lighting
Lighting has a profound influence on a person’s performance in the office. With accurate lighting, it could reduce double vision, headaches and fatigue caused by reflectivity of bright objects such as printed paperwork or computer monitors in excess lighting. The human eye can adjust to a variety of lighting levels, but only a single light level at a time. When someone stares at a dim computer monitor in a brightly lit room, the eyes are confused about which to adapt to, light or dimness.

Common lighting preferred in offices is most times track lighting or ceiling lights. If installing track lighting, it is suggested to avoid high-voltage halogen. This type of lighting has been found excessively rigorous for prolonged exposure. Desk lamps are a variable form of subsidiary lighting. An office desk lamp can add a charismatic design, as well as a glare-free atmosphere that will help prevent eyestrain and fatigue.

Choosing the Right Desk
Space is always a concern when it comes to choosing the right desk. If your desk has restricted space, you may have a need for a desk designed for more than a single purpose. Your office tasks may require space for a printer, fax, phone, shelves, drawers or files. With the absence of needed space, desktops become cluttered and finding things can become a difficult undertaking.

Purchasing the best desk for an office is an important investment that could last a business’s lifetime. Time and consideration are key in choosing a desk. There are an ostensibly endless assortment of desks in sizes and shape. Desks are normally produced in mass quantities and may necessitate some self-assembly. Checking into a local crafts business that could build desks to order may be something to look into.

A Comfortable Chair Can Alleviate Back Pain and Poor Circulation
Back support and leg circulation are critical to good posture and wellness while working. Sitting at a desk for lengthy periods can be extremely challenging since it applies excessive pressure to the lower back and upper thighs which causes leg discomfort or back pain. Keeping the backbone in a neutral position is essential in maintaining good posture and alleviating the annoyance of back pain and poor blood circulation.

A person’s desk chair should accommodate them. If another individual is using the chair, it is important for the chair to have sufficient adjustability to suit each user. When searching for a desk chair, look for a “waterfall edge” located at the front of the chairs seat pan. This design helps to prevent deficient circulation in the legs while sitting. Try to find a chair with a “tilt lever” which enables you to recline and switch positions easily. This will help relieve pressure placed on the back of your thighs. A protruding “back rest” on your chair will help support the lumbar while in an upright position.

Minimizing Maintenance Costs on Flooring
When it comes to protecting office floors, depending on the type of flooring, maintenance can involve waxing, stripping, buffing or replacement. When an individual is working at their desk, they may not always be confined to one area. Their work may include rolling from their desk to a file cabinet, telephone, wastebasket or another desk. No matter which type of flooring is used in an office, wear and tear becomes apparent. Carpet fibers are pulled up, linoleum is punctured, and hardwood or tile floors are damaged. Most flooring types are not designed for the tremendous amount of pressure generated by rolling office chairs. They may also not be appropriate for wheel chair accessibility. Utilizing chair mats could limit the safety issues involved where an area is not properly floored for wheel chairs and at the same time, minimize the maintenance needed to any floor.

Selecting a needed chair mat for any workstation starts by determining what type of flooring the mat will be covering. Chair mats used over carpeting should be more unbending and impenetrable than those placed on harder surfaces. Chair mats for tile, linoleum or hard wood surfaces should be textured. This will prevent the mat from sliding on slick floors. They should also have beveled edges to enable easy rolling between surfaces. Once we know the floor type, the desired shape and size is chosen. For example: How much floor space is used while working at your desk and its surrounding areas? Chair mats should cover more than the immediate area in front of a desk. Otherwise the areas not protected from chair casters may require maintenance that could have been avoided.

Purchasing office furniture and accessories are not quite as unambiguous as you might have thought. There are numerous factors involved in choosing accurate lighting, a comfortable chair, a spacious desk and appropriate chair mats. Anticipated by the measure of time spent working in the office each day, ignoring these factors could result in strained eyes, bad posture, desk clutter and avoidable damage and maintenance. The main idea is to optimize your productivity without contributing to physical tension. Keep that in mind the next time you accessorize your office space.