Monday, December 26, 2011

Cost Saving Trade Show Exhibits for the Growing Company

As an early stage startup company matures, the image that was right for the times four years ago as an “up & comer” is often no longer appropriate. This emerging business now needs a more mainstream image to convey its strong new corporate identity.

The transition to a mainstream image necessitates not only a change in identity but also a change in trade show exhibit presence.  Early on, portable pop up exhibits at trade shows worked.  But with a company's mounting success it now needs an image that reflects its solid business stature as a true leader in its field. However, before being tempted to leap into a major investment in a custom build mega trade show exhibit, there is a practical intermediate step.

In order to achieve a company’s new image while keeping a handle on its budget, a good interim step for a firm that wants major attention at a key trade show is a custom modular trade show display that has the "look and feel" of a high-end custom build but at a substantial cost saving.

In terms of projecting awareness, the custom modular exhibit succeeds in reinforcing a company’s new prestigious image while reducing the operating costs associated with a custom build by 75%.  The custom modular exhibit saves not only on the design and productions costs of a custom construction but also on such expenses as drayage, shipping, installation and dismantling. 

Additionally, the configuration of the exhibit is expandable into a variety of spaces -- including a 10x20, 20x20, 20x30 or larger to scale with a company’s growth, enabling them to service large and small trade shows alike.

As the growing company moves into a stepped up trade show venture, it can benefit from  an experienced trade show exhibit design and construction company.  The company’s display team should be able to work seamlessly with a professional exhibit design firm to determine and meet key trade show deadlines and assembly demands.

Keeping costs on target should be a top priority for the expanding company. Before venturing into a top-end custom build spectacular, there’s good logic in taking an appropriate next stage exhibit step.  For comparison, here are seven cost savings benefits of a custom modular vs. custom exhibit:

1.    Less shipping and drayage expense:
The 75% lighter weight custom modular exhibit keeps shipping and drayage costs in line with a trade show exhibit designed with less weight and compact packing.
2.    Reduction of trade show storage costs:
75% fewer crates reduces storage costs substantially.
3.    Lower labor costs due to ease of setup:
A smaller crew is needed so less time is required to install and dismantle exhibit.
4.    Less Refurbishing required:
Panels can be removed from the crate by hand reducing the amount of potential damage to the display. A forklift never touches a panel keeping trade show related repair costs at a minimum.
5.    Flexibility:
The versatile custom modular unit facilitates expanding or reducing trade show exhibit space without adding a variety of expensive components.
6.    Quality of Trade Show Exhibit Consistency:
Interchangeable panels and components built the same way every time to strict quality standards save costs and time.
7.    Potential 10% reduction in cost of production and reduced design time:

The majority of trade show design elements could be pre-engineered which reduces the time to build and money spent in production.

Custom modular exhibits are increasing in popularity as the next stage exhibit option in the trade show industry because they offer designs that create tremendous impact, ease of use and cost savings. Smart companies are looking to succeed in trade show exposure while properly managing the balance between dramatic exposure and disciplined cost constraints.

 Dick Wheeler is President of Professional Exhibits & Graphics, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The firm is a full-service premiere trade show exhibit, graphics and management services company. For additional information, go to
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