Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five Simple Rules For Commercial Cleaners To Follow

You are a young contract cleaning company or just starting out and want to expand? So many cleaning firms are run as a ‘one man band’ and do not want to employ cleaners so they are incapable of expansion. If you are reading this then you are not among that number and want to enlarge and expand your cleaning business. There are a few simple rules you must follow if you want to be successful in this and retain your contracts. 1. Visit each site at least once per week. In order to ensure that the cleaning is taking place as you want it to. Vary the times and days of your visits. 2. Maintain good communications with the client and respond rapidly to any requests or complaints. 3. Maintain good relations with your staff. Your most valuable resource are your staff so treat them well and not just in monetary terms. 4. Maintain all equipment used on a site in excellent working order. If a piece of equipment is not working efficiently then the cleaners no matter how hard they work are not going to be able to carry out the cleaning effectively and they will soon become disgruntled. 5. Ensure that there are always adequate supplies of cleaning materials available for the cleaning staff on each site. If they have not got the materials then they cannot carry out the job effectively. These five points would seem to be common sense and indeed they are. However the larger you become and the more contracts you take on the more difficult it becomes to carry them out consistently. You are out there working away trying to attract in more business, attending to new customers, setting up new contracts and sometimes involved in crisis management. Under these normal pressures of work these basic principles can be pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. A clean may be going along with no problems and under these circumstances it is quite easy to assume that all is well and does not require your attention. Then out of the blue it can come up to bite you! Consequently always give time to perform these five ‘rules’ regardless of the other pressures on your time. Experience has shown that the larger the company becomes the more these five points become neglected. Very large companies often lose contracts simply because they neglected these five cardinal rules and you can step into their place and pick up these contracts. However you must always be on your guard that you do not fall into the same trap as you become bigger.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Find An Offline Passion To Help Your Online Business Prosper

Have you ever had the feeling that you are just in the middle of nowhere with your online business? That you are on your own out in the cyber desert? Totally separated from the outside world? Should I use the term alienated from the outside world? Did these weird feelings put their negative marks on the your daily performance of your online marketing efforts? If the answer to these questions are YES, than I have good news for you: YOU'RE NOT ALONE! I don’t have physical proof(!) but I am almost sure than hundreds of thousands of honest hard working online marketers feel the same way every day. After working 3 days straight in your home office you pop down to the local mall and it feels like that you're on Mars. What are these people doing here? They are talking to each other. They are serving flesh and blood customers and others are cleaning brick and mortar premises? Are they nuts? Or am I nuts? NONE of the ABOVE. ALL online marketers can get into this weird state of mind and loose perception of the outside physical world one way or another. I know I can. But here's the quick fix for the problem: Find a totally traditional offline activity, stick to it and practice it at least once a week. What kind of activity should I look for, you may ask? Any kind...fencing, play the guitar, dancing, songwriting cooking, gardening, playing the drums, embroidery, swimming. Whatever...OFFLINE! Your options are endless, but you need to pick one. You will re-discover a totally different world. The REAL ONE. You will come back to life and terms with your profession, which is online marketing: spending 8-14 hours in cyber world. You need to talk to real people too. Talk to your neighbors, friends, family. Go to clubs, pubs. Go out to the local park, and just run, run run... Breathe in some fresh air. I have just recently discovered my all time passion which is songwriting. I can’t dedicate too much time to my passion, but I do dedicate a certain hour of a certain day of the week and spend time with my music teacher to write songs, play the guitar, and learn how to sing as well. It is meditation. It is therapy. It's a cure. It simply feels great. It helps me immensely to push my online marketing business forward, to be more help of my family, my business partners and friends and to be more creative in every aspect of my life! Find your offline passion to prosper in your online business!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finder Fees Interview With Tyler G. Hicks

Tyler G. Hicks, the president of International Wealth Success Inc., is the author of many wealth building publications, including the Financial Broker/ Finder/ Business Broker/ Business Consultant Kit. Here are some of his insights about finder fees. 1. What does a finder do? A finder brings together a need and a source for an individual or company. For example, an oil company might require real estate (with a certain motor vehicle traffic volume) for the purpose of operating a service station. The finder locates this real estate for the oil company and earns a finder's fee for this service. Another example is finding a suitable lender for a loan; this is the most common finder fee situation. 2. How are finder fees calculated? The starting point is five percent of the amount of the find, whether it is for loans, property, et cetera. Of course, finder's fees are negotiable and can sometimes be only two or three percent of some finds. 3. Is finding better suited as a full-time or part-time business? Finder fees are more often a secondary, supplementary, on-the-side source of income earned in conjunction with some other main business. 4. What businesses or situations are especially conducive to earning finder's fees? The raising of money as well as the finding of real estate, rare minerals and unusual materials are good areas to earn finder fees. 5. What are the best areas for earning finder's fees for someone just starting out? Finder fees for the raising of money is the best area for beginning wealth builders. The need for money is universal. 6. Where do you find finder fee opportunities? Read and advertise in such publications as International Wealth Success Newsletter, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other big city newspapers and business publications. 7. What advice would you give someone who wants to start earning finder fees? Don't take advance fees. Pick an area in which you want to work, by type of product or situation --not by geographic location. Start advertising your services.

Monday, March 28, 2011


FASHION JEWELRY Every one in the world wants to look fashionable. Further, all of us love to look trendy and like to have his / her own identity apart from a crowd of people. We know your appearance and attire speaks louder. But your accessories are also equally important. Accessories like jewellery can help you attain an individuality if you are a person of good taste and also fashion conscious. Hence, identification can be achieved by the style and the kind of fashion jewellery with which you accessorize your self to set up your own individuality. Fashion jewellery can also be defined as junk jewellery, fake jewellery or artificial jewellery. Fashion jewellery is made up of artificial or false materials like glass, steel, beads, mud, clay, plastic, brass, bronze, iron, etc. Fashion jewelry fills a person with a complete and a stylish look. Some examples of fashion jewellery which would provide you with a stylish, fashionable, cool and complete look are -: • Bracelets • Chains • Earrings • Necklaces • Rings • Eyebrow stud rings • Nose stud rings • Navel rings • Anklets • Bangles Each piece of jewellery would brighten the fashion statement you want to make. It would raise the feeling of fashion and style. It would convey you a special and separate identity, style and individuality. So below are all kinds of fashion jewellery categorized which would make you unique. Earrings ,as the name suggests, is worn on the ears. Earrings are accessories which go along with any occasion, event or daily activity. Earrings make you attractive and impressive. Both for males and females earrings are part of a fashion statement. For males, studs or small brow rings are preferable and for females all kinds of earrings are suitable. Whether long or small, stud or rings would enhance your beauty. They can be made of any shape, any material, any design and with any kind of carvings on them Bracelets are worn on wrists. They can be a kind of chain, or evaded by elastic. It may be made up of steel, beads, plastics, or many other materials. Any kind of designs or carvings can be engraved on them. It is quite a trendy way to impress people around and make your style and fashion statement. Bangles are round accessories , thick or thin, and worn on the arm. Whether plastic or glass or metal any material will provide your bangle and then you with a different and unique character. It can have designs printed or carved on it, giving more uniqueness and individuality. Necklaces, as the name impliess, are worn on the neck. Long necklaces, short necklaces, or necklaces which stay very close to your neck, better know as chokers, are the different varieties of necklaces. They are made of beads or any material whatsoever and a number of chains attached together or different materials, its very fashionable. Eye brow stud rings-: eye brow stud rings are worn on eyebrows. These are conspicuous and nowadays a popular fashion jewelry. Navel rings lure women, the navel rings are worn on the pierced navel. The show their attractive navel rings, the person would wear short upper clothes which would make their navel rings visible. These are unique fashion statements and very popular now a days. Anklets are the chains or bracelets worn on the anklets. This is a very fashionable way to show off you legs, and is also stunning, attractive and impressive. If it has bells which makes sound when they clink to each other it attracts attention. Thus, the fashion jewellery are very useful in our day-to-day life. It is quite essential to look trendy, stylish, attractive, impressive, fashionable, urban and all the more it would bring out fashion in you. Just keep in mind to choose which fashion jewellery enhances and goes along with your character and persona.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Business Tax Reduction.

The Benefits of Lifetime Giving. A number of techniques are available, but it is significant to point out most of them are based on lifetime gift programs, often including using trusts created during your lifetime! After a person is deceased, the planning opportunities are much more limited. Significantly, gift taxes paid during your lifetime are generally not included in your gross estate, but the gift tax is not a deduction in determining the estate tax after your death. In other words, you receive an estate tax reduction of up to 60% of the gift taxes you pay for transfers during your lifetime. Caution! If you need to keep your assets in order to maintain your standard of living and to provide for contingencies such as long-term car, you probably shouldn't pursue an aggressive lifetime giving "wealth preservation" program. In some cases, receiving significant gifts can corrupt the beneficiaries, eliminating their motivation to work. Don't let the "tax tail" wag the dog! Maybe a charitable giving program makes sense in this situation. (Outright bequests to charities are not subject to estate or gift taxes.) Family Wealth Planning Using The Family Business. In the situation where the beneficiaries are compatible and have an interest in maintaining the assets of the family, particularly real estate or a family business, significant estate (and, in some cases, income) tax benefits may be secured using a family business structure. The most popular structures right now are the family limited partnership and the family limited liability company, principally because the permit the donor(s) to retain management control of the assets that are given during his, her, or their life and have significant operational flexibility compared to a corporate structure. The principle on which the estate tax reduction is based is that a minority interest has a disproportionately lower value than a majority interest in the whole. For example, suppose a partnership's business could be sold as a whole for $1,000,000. An investor might only be willing to pay about $150,000 for a 25% interest in the partnership, because he or she would be unable to control the partnership or easily sell the partnership interest. We call the difference between the amount a buyer would pay for a fractional interest (in the example, $150,000) and the proportionate value of the interest based on the whole (in the example, $250,000) a valuation adjustment. Valuation adjustments (reductions) of 35% and up have been defended for partnership interests where there was a lack of control and a lack of marketability. A donor may make annual fractional gifts to use his or her annual gift exclusion ($10,000 per donor, per donee, per year) and lifetime credit exclusion ($600,000 for 1997, increasing to $1 million in 2006), thus securing the valuation adjustments for the gifts. If the donor retains less than a 50% interest at his or her death, that interest should also qualify for a valuation adjustment. Using Entity Fractionalization For Investment Assets. Should a family limited partnership or limited liability company be used to hold liquid investments, such as securities, cash and life insurance policies? Such entities may be defended if a legitimate purpose can be established for them, but expect an especially vigorous attack by the IRS. This strategy has been targeted as vulnerable. What The IRS Doesn't Want You To Know. The IRS hates these programs, and has attacked them vigorously. They have mostly failed in their efforts, except in the case where the transfers were made shortly before death. When the plan is done properly, the IRS will almost always capitulate or make a significant concession in settling the issue. Properly Implementing A Family Wealth Plan Is A Worthwhile Investment. When you are seeking significant tax benefits from this type of plan, it doesn't make sense to "cut corners." A competent attorney should prepare the documents. Valuations should be prepared by a qualified appraiser who is educated in this area. You should use a qualified tax advisor, such as a CPA, to assist in assuring the entity is operated properly, including setting up a separate bank account, setting up sparate books and records, properly paying proportionate benefits to partners/members, and preparing income tax returns. The up-front investment will pay dividends to your beneficiaries in tax benefits and avoided litigation costs. When Does Entity Fractionalization Make Sense? As you can see from the above discussion, the entity fractionalization strategy can require a significant investment in professional fees and potential litigation costs. There are three situations where the strategy makes sense. 1) There are assets of significant value to be transferred. ($1 million is worth thinking about. $2 million requires more serious consideration.) 2) The business has a potential for significant growth in value. (Such as a high technology start up.) 3) The business is generating significant income.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Electronic Medical Records – Are There Reasons for Low Implementation?

Electronic medical records promise to make the future of healthcare brighter for patients and medical providers, yet across the board, it’s estimated only 10 to 15 percent of doctors even use them. If the promises of EMRs are so grand, why don’t more healthcare professionals take advantage? While there are many reasons doctors have slowly adopted EMR technology, the top three are cost, data security and lack of uniform standards. This article will discuss these top objections to EMR implementation. EMR Costs Implementing an electronic medical record system can entail a significant upfront cost, especially if converting to a paperless medical office the first time. It’s not surprising then the segment of doctors most resistant to electronic medical records are those with the smallest amount of income. Large practices, hospitals and insurance companies are adopting EMRs at twice the rate of small doctors since they realize the financial benefits and have the resources for fast implementation. While there is a cost to EMR implementation, the financial benefits alone provide a strong return on investment even to the smallest practices. An article posted in the April, 2003 American Journal of Medicine examined the return on investment of EMRs for small practices and concluded the gains in productivity and decrease in denied or lost claims could gain an average practice $86,400 in a five year span. With an initial investment of $6,600 the return on investment is phenomenal! While larger healthcare providers need to spend larger sums for software, there are many EMRs and medical practice management programs available for small practices that fit into the $6600 cited by the study and even allow for computer and printer purchases. EMR Security Securing patient medical records is another big reason doctors are slow to convert to paperless medical offices. Many EMRs currently available utilize “client/server” technology…meaning that software is permanently installed on a server located in the doctor’s office and accessed through the network. This type of software clearly places the responsibility of backups and patient records security on the medical office. Web-based EMRs shift that responsibility away from the doctor and onto the software company who are better equipped to secure electronic patient records. Though vigilant hackers can break into just about any system, web-based EMRs reduce that risk significantly. EMR Standardization Perhaps the biggest complication to widespread use of electronic medical records is the lack of standardization. One of the catalysts to the creation of EMRs is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Commonly known as HIPAA, this law promulgated the creation of electronic patient records, but failed to implement standards for them. To be fair, technology has changed quite a bit since 1996 and Congress doesn’t own a crystal ball. Even Yahoo’s website looked quite a bit different ten years ago. There is no real explanation why the components of modern electronic medical records haven’t been standardized. In fact, the name hasn’t even been settled on! Electronic medical records have many AKA’s including: PMRI - Patient Medical Record Information - US ICRS – Integrated Care Record Services - UK CMR – Computerized Medical Record – US, International CPR – Computer-based Patient Record - US, International PCR – Patient-carried Patient Record - Germany PHR – Personal Health Record - International EMR – Electronic Medical Record - US DMR – Digital Medical Record - Asia EPR – Electronic Patient Record EHR – Electronic Health Record LHII – Local Health Information Infrastructure - US CCR – Continuity of Care Record With a substantial upfront cost, both of money and training, the fear of having to change EMR systems due to government regulation is certainly reasonable. EMR Implementation Summary Doctors may soon have little choice but to implement computerized medical billing and patient record systems. HIPAA’s scope recently expanded to health care providers with less than $5 million in revenue. Insurance companies and other payers are increasingly requiring electronic filing. Even patients recognize the value of electronic medical records with a 2005 survey stating patients strongly believed widespread use of EMRs would decrease wait time, paperwork and reduce visit costs. Let’s hope small practice physicians take note. References:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ecommerce Website Design’s 6 Common Mistakes

Small business Ecommerce is highly competitive field and small businesses need to develop a professional E-Commerce website in order o gain competitive advantage over others. 1. Poor or outdated design Many E-commerce websites of small businesses reflect a poor outdated website design. It is important for your website to reflect a modern clean cut look and feel. If your E-commerce website design is not professional and the website looks like it was designed in the nineties then it is important to consider re-designing your e-Commerce website. A professional design for your E-commerce website is crucial and the website design task is best left to experts. 2. Not having detailed information on products Many E-Commerce websites make a common mistake of not presenting detailed information on their product range. A common problem with ecommerce websites, especially small business E-commerce websites , is the lack of detailed information on products being sold on the website. Even if an Ecommerce website has a large product list it is important nevertheless to have an independent product detail page for each and every product. Avoid only one line descriptions for your products. Information on products can easily be found on manufacturer’s website and in most cases they are happy for you to use it on your website. 3. Don’t hide contact details. Another common mistake with many ecommerce websites is the lack of visibility of the company’s contact details i.e. telephone number and address on the website. Customers often look for this information as it helps build trust knowing that someone will be there to answer questions should a problem arise with the purchase or the product. It is a often a good idea to include telephone and address on all pages either ion the header or footer. An easily accessible email inquiry form or request call back forms on the website also help build customer confidence. 4. The benefits of buying from your company not clearly evident to the customer. Another common mistake businesses make is failing to convey clearly via the website the advantages or benefits of purchasing form them. Customers usually research competitors before making a decision. 5. Not having an ongoing search engine optimisation strategy. Many ecommerce businesses make the mistake of thinking that if their website is there it will automatically attract new customers. No matter how professionally designed your website is or if you website has been created with search engine optimisation in mind; appearing on the first page of Google is not something that will be achieved on its own. Thousands of businesses compete for first page ranking for any given keyword however only 10 can appear o the first page. In order receive targeted traffic to your website and generate increasing leads and sales you will need to have an ongoing search engine strategy and commission an ongoing search optimisation campaign. Although it is not something that will be achieved overnight, the benefits far outweigh the costs involved. Please visit for the full article and for more articles on web design, e-commerce and search engine optimisation.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't use a needle valve to control your air cylinder speed!

Many industrial machines using compressed air as an energy source, use air cylinders or other pneumatic actuators to do the actual work. Compressed air is 'explosive' as it moves from high pressure to low pressure on it's way back to atmosphere. That means when the air valve shifts and air flows to the cylinder, the cylinder piston and rod moves extremely quickly. A high speed cylinder rod may not be best for your application, and you will want to reduce the speed and the impact. One easy method of controlling the speed of an air cylinder is installing flow controls in the air lines between the valve to the air cylinder, in the cylinder ports themselves, or even in the exhaust ports of the air valve, though the latter is least desirable. In the 'valve exhaust' type flow control the controls themselves may be far enough away from the cylinder that the piston and rod may have traveled the full stroke before the exhaust flow control can start back-pressuring the line to slow the cylinder. Cylinder control reaction time is always negatively affected depending on the distance from the cylinder to the flow control. Some folks opt for needle valves to throttle the flow of air into and out of the air cylinder, thereby reducing it's speed. The problem with using a needle valve to control the speed of an air cylinder is that it throttles the compressed air flow equally in both directions. If you are using a larger cylinder, by throttling the air into the cylinder, you are actually preventing the smooth cylinder stroke desired. As air pressure builds in the cylinder it will reach the point where it overcomes the friction of the piston and rod seals and the piston will start to move. As it moves, it increases the volume of the air space inside the cylinder behind itself. The piston moves toward one end of the cylinder creating a larger area behind than in front of it. This is an area into which air has to flow quickly to ensure that the piston keeps moving. If the air inrush cannot keep up with the increasing cavity size there will be insufficient pressure to keep the piston moving, and it will stop. So too will your piston rod, and whatever tooling you have installed on the end of it. The rule of thumb for using a flow control to reduce and smooth air cylinder piston travel is to only throttle the exhaust air from the cylinder. The air flowing into the cylinder port should never be reduced. How is this accomplished? Use a "cylinder flow control". This is a device that may not look any different from the needle valve. Inside, however, there is a "needle bypass" which allows the air to bypass the needle which is throttling the air achieving full flow of air unidirectionally. The "free flow" of compressed air through the cylinder flow control allows the unit, when it's installed in the correct orientation, to provide full and un-throttled inrush of air to the cylinder, yet, when the valve has shifted and the double-acting air cylinder has reversed, the air that is now flowing out of the cylinder is throttled to the level necessary to achieve the cylinder speed desired. There will be a second cylinder flow control on the other line too, and this works exactly the same way. As a result, air flow into the cylinder ports at either end of the cylinder is totally unencumbered providing high-force piston movement. The piston is trying to go fast and at full power, but since the exhaust flow of air is impeded by the cylinder flow control, the piston moves with full power, but at a controlled and desired rate. Most cylinder flow controls will have a schematic on the side showing the flow paths to ensure that they are installed correctly. Some cylinder flow controls are equipped with sealant coated male threads for screwing into the cylinder port, and with an "instant" type fitting into which the cylinder air line can be quickly fitted, features that save time and money.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Does For Sale By Owner = Save Money By Owner?

Most Home Sellers Turn to Real Estate Agents Although many FSBO home sellers have saved thousands of dollars in commissions, many others have lost money, and statistics show that 80% of FSBOs will eventually list their homes after unsuccessfully trying to sell their homes themselves. However, if you're thinking of trying to sell your home without the aid of a real estate agent, here are a few tips for getting the most from the experience: Leave Your Emotions Out of Your Sales Process Selling your home often can be a painful experience, so it's important to emotionally detach yourself from your house and try to think of it as an investment in your future. Try not to be affected by unkind remarks you may hear from prospective buyers trying to get you to lower your price by attacking various features of your house. And although you should call your house a "home" to prospective buyers, think of it as just a "house." Set the Right Sales Price Of course, you want to get the highest price possible, but pricing your home too high will keep it on the market too long, which will lead people to think there's something wrong with your house. Look at the other homes being offered for sale in your market and compare them to yours, in terms of square footage, number of bedrooms, lot size, and other features that are similar to yours. Be objective, and then price your home according to your findings. You might consider setting a price range, instead of a fixed price, if you're considering helping potential buyers with their closing costs. Advertising Signs: Pick up directional signs at a home improvement store, list your phone number and the address of your home on them, and then display the signs in prominent places around your neighborhood. Most buyers use the services of a real estate agent to look for a new home, but if your home's in a desirable neighborhood where other houses are also for sale, potential buyers may see your signs and come back later to visit your home. Place a professional-looking sign in your front yard, featuring your phone number in print large enough to be easily read from the street. Flyers: Think like a marketing guru and create a sizzling sales flyer, listing all the benefits and features of your home. Newspapers: Pick up copies of all the newspapers and advertisers in your area, and look at them, imagining that you're the one looking for a home in your area. Then create an ad of your own, copying ads that most attract your eye. Make sure to list benefits to potential buyers and not just the features of your home. Showing and Safety: Ask prospective buyers for their phone numbers before you give out your address over the phone, and then call them back to verify the information. Also, make sure to have someone with you when you're showing your home to strangers. Selling your home yourself should mean that you save money on real estate fees. But if you're not a savvy salesperson, you could actually make more money and sell your home faster by hiring a go-getter real estate agent. Copyright © 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do I Enjoy My Online Home Marketing Business?

If you’re thinking of starting your own online home marketing business make sure you start something that you will enjoy. This is really just common sense and would apply to many things in life both online and offline. However, often people associate an online business with “easy money” or “quick success”. In reality, very few online businesses are this kind (at least none that I’ve found). So what does enjoyment have to do with this? Most people starting a home business do not realize how much time is going to be required. It may not be a lot at first, but it needs to be consistent probably even daily. Committing this amount of time to something you have no interest in is not going to last very long. Something other than money needs to keep you interested and motivated. Money is certainly a factor, but should not be the only satisfaction. Since an online business requires a computer you first need to decide if you enjoy using a computer. Now granted, computers have become a necessary part of most people’s lives - everybody uses them. A home business however requires hours of time working with a computer. “Strange” problems while emailing and clicking websites, working with multiple windows, and so forth are part of normal procedures. Secondly, the process of internet marketing requires a set of skills that you will need to develop. Most people starting out do not have all of these skills. That doesn’t matter; most people can acquire these skills. You just need to enjoy stretching yourself and learning new things. You may not do them right the first time but perseverance will help perfect them. An ability to grow in this area is a requirement. There are many “help” books, materials and online tutorials available to help you. If you’re initially skeptical about spending money online for these resources many, if not all, bookstores and libraries will have the tools needed to assist you in learning how to develop these skills. Finally, the product or service itself that you are marketing needs to interest you. If it is something that you do not believe in or recommend then find something else. Yes, which products that generate the most money will get more of your attention, but if multiple products result in similar earnings you will focus on the one you are most interested in. If you think that maybe starting an online marketing business is for you, then start with a well established organization which has other people available to assist you. This will help you to grow and learn various marketing techniques. An online home business can be a rewarding experience, both financially and other. You are free to copy this article to your site as long as you include the following resource information with an active link to my site:

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Do a background check first before you hire someone!!|Detectiveunlimited|

Today, numerous companies conduct background checks, including several firms that offer their services over the Web. And while it’s important to find a company that’s competent at verifying credentials, it’s also crucial to check for the right things. "The level of deception that exists is frightening. A lot of people think nothing of misrepresenting their qualifications and lying about past events," says Lou Adler, president of Power Hiring. In the past, courts have consistently ruled that employers are liable for the actions of their workers while on the job -- a fact that makes screening even more imperative. Depending on the particular position, it might be necessary to check applicants’ driving records, criminal history, educational achievements, and references, and to verify whether they actually worked where they say they did. Foreign workers must have an H-1B visa, and obtaining information from foreign institutions can prove difficult. Further complicating things is the easy availability of false documents over the Internet and, increasingly, outright identity theft. "An employment offer should be conditional on passing a background check," observes Jane Paradiso, recruiting solutions practice leader at Watson Wyatt Worldwide. "These days, the stakes are too great to ignore." DetectiveUnlimited provides powerful background check features with extreme ease of use, making it an ideal choice for home users or professionals alike, all from the privacy of your own home. Unlimited searches! Investigate Anyone in any US State and Country Online. Plus Complete sources for ALL Public & Vital Records. Advanced Tools for People Searches. A Massive Collection of Investigation resources. These resources are used by private eyes & law enforcement agencies around the world. This is the 100% legal, private and accurate way to conduct your own research & investigations. Public Records, Birth Records, Court Records, Criminal Records, Social Security# Records, Police Records, FBI Records, People Search, Property Records, Arrest Records, Bankruptcy Records, Childcare and Nanny Screening, Felony Arrests, Inmates locator, Judgment Files, Plaintiff/Defendants, Adoption Records, Probate Records, Death Records, Sex offenders, Skip Tracing, Small Claims Records, Unlisted home & cell phone numbers. Marriage Records, All Vital Records. Warrant Files, Unlimited Background Checks, Divorce Records, Criminal Record Checks, Identity Theft, Fraud and Alias Files, Military Records, Birth and Marriage Certificates, Legal Records, Genealogy, Employee Background Verifications, Prison Records, DMV and DUI Files, and much more!! is your online detective..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Discount Magazine Subscriptions – Lightning Speed Entertainment

If you are an avid reader and like to be updated about all things happening around you and in the world, magazines are the way to go. They provide rapid education on topics which might not be your main knowledge area and provide you the latest updates on them. Over a period of time, you are sure to develop a set of magazines which you like to read and thus it is best that you take up a discount magazine subscription. Discount magazine subscriptions are not only helpful is helping you save a bit of cash on the cost of the magazines; they are also good to get you some free stuff. If you like Good Housekeeping, you are obviously a homemaker and you can be rest assured that a nice set of jars await you with the next subscription. Similarly, if you are a geek and swear by Computers Today, then you can expect a nice set of goodies in the free software CD which comes with the subscription. Apart from the free stuff (which of course is a big carrot for people like me who fall for anything which has the four letter word on it …I mean FREE) magazine subscriptions also have a few other benefits. Firstly, the magazines are delivered right up to your door step within a couple of days from the time they get published. This ensures that you get the latest magazines in the shortest possible time. Home delivery is one of the best benefits of discount magazine subscriptions and you realize it even more when the newsstand is a not very close to your house. Thus the next time you see yourself picking up the same magazine three times in a row, take out the leaflet in the middle and subscribe to the magazine!

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Limousine service in Dallas have been hired nowadays for almost every occasion whether it is a wedding, night-out, anniversary, corporate meeting, and receiving guests from airport, birthdays, or bachelor’s party. The reason being the elegance, grace and the reputation that limo lends to your arrival at any place or event. You can hire any Dallas car service which would be really cheaper in comparison to the limousine service but the awe that would be created amongst your kith and kin on your alighting from the limo will be unmatchable. Dallas limousine service is one of the best providers of limo service in Dallas and above all it is renowned for the most cost-effective Dallas car service. You can even hire Dallas limo even if you are not in Dallas as the company is the premier worldwide limo service provider. The exclusive worldwide limo services provided by the company include: • Dallas car service • DFW limo • Dallas bus charter • Dallas limos • Airport transportation Dallas Whether it is a short trip to the airport or a long trip to different states the best car hire will be of limo. Limo hire is not only for style statement since limo is the luxurious of all the Dallas car service. Dallas limo service will be your first and last stop once you have enjoyed its Dallas limo service as it provides additional luxury services along with car. Limousine service in Dallas has been on increase due to its great demand in business sector. Most of the big business groups hire DFW limo to receive and escort their foreign business delegates. Limos make a great impression on the business clients and increase the reputation of the company which in turn brings in more business. business transportation should not only be on time but it must have look of great elegance and make a style statement of the company in the eyes of the other business associates and competitors in the market and for this best car service to be hired is limo. If your business is Dallas based or you have to arrange a business trip for your company even outside Dallas, Dallas limousine will be the best option as it ensures comfort and luxury of time and space to your travel. Dallas limousine service is easy to hire and offers airport transportation Dallas, DFW limo service, Dallas bus charter within the Dallas and even outside the state. You can even hire limousine service Dallas on hourly basis. You can opt for this service when you are not sure about the destinations you will be visiting in your hired Dallas limo. Also, the Dallas limo service provider avails you their additional service of a trained chauffeur who knows all the geographical routes and is an expert driver who assures you timely reach to your desired destination. You can even hire the service of bus charter for a large group of people who are going on a party or a trip. if you are interested in hiring luxurious worldwide limousine services, you can log on to

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Creating A Trade Show Budget

Setting up a display at a trade show is expensive business. You have to rent the space, create a display, promote it, stock it, and staff it. Before you decide to get involved, take a serious look at the costs of all of these components. Start planning well ahead. You already know this, right? Keep yourself as organized as possible right from the beginning -- even before you book your space. You know how carefully today's brides plan their weddings. Months, even years ahead, they start thinking about the church, the reception, the dresses, the flowers, the cake. And of course, the cost. Well, you're the bride. Grab your planning book and start writing down everything you must do to get yourself ready for a successful trade show season -- next year's. Even before you decide to go into a show or two, you should have a hard look at the costs and expected returns. This is why you create a trade show budget. Whether you admit it or not, everything has a cost, and trade shows are no exception. Remember that your objective is to make sales, or at least generate opportunities to make sales. So you have to view your costs in that light. Everything should be done with an eye on its potential return. **How to Start your Trade Show Budget Planning** The normal starting point for your campaign is the trade show budget. If you work from a budget, you have an outside chance of keeping your costs under control. Of course there is a certain amount of hocus pocus involved in budgeting for things like trade show marketing -- especially if you've never seriously done it before and have no track record to go on. Still, you should give it your best shot. This is not rocket science, and any research or analysis you do will be better than just "winging it". Try using a "brainstorming" process similar to the following. First, ask yourself some BIG questions: Question 1. Do I really believe I can recover my costs within a short enough period of time to make it "profitable" (make more than it costs)? Answer 1. Like most promotion and advertising, until you've done it, you have little idea how successful it will be. First you will have to summarize all the costs, and then try to figure out how many sales you're likely to get from this sort of exposure. Question 2. Do I have any idea which trade shows are more likely to be "profitable". Answer 2. There are trade show directories and reports that can tell you about industry-specific shows. Usually they will tell you the number of attendees, and hopefully something about their buying habits. Find the relevant directories, and figure out some method of choosing between shows. Question 3. Are there obvious ways to enhance my "Conversion Rate" -- the number of attendees who buy from me? Answer 3. Yes, of course. Having an attractive, eye-catching display is a good start. Getting a good location on the floor will help. Setting up your booth properly will help you "process" the attendees more efficiently. Having a lead-gathering system will help you do more profitable follow up. Giving out memorable hand-outs will enhance your chances of being recognized later on. Training your booth staff could make an important difference. Ask yourself a few more questions like this to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Then you'll be ready to start preparing your trade show budget. **Let the Planning Begin - Selecting Appropriate Shows** Begin by assembling the following information (and anything else that seems relevant as you go along): Find a trade show directory for your industry (online is the best source), or check out the major trade show venues or exhibition companies. They will put you on the right track very quickly. Select the 10 most promising looking shows — based on your "gut feeling" about their potential for your campaign. Make a chart and list the five or six most relevant bits of information for each of your most promising venues: - Location - Date - Number of attendees - Geographic area served - Target market (who will be attending) Calculate Your Costs for Each Show Now add some columns to your chart where you can list the costs that are specific to each show: - Booth space cost - Other space-related costs - Travel costs to and from the show - Things to rent or buy at the show (tables, power, etc.) - Accommodation costs for booth staff - Shipping costs for booth display(s) and materials - Vehicle rentals required **Campaign Costs when Entering a Number of Shows** Now think about the actual "sales process" and make a list of what you will need in order to have a successful trade show experience. These will usually be things that will be used for several shows, so think of them as "campaign costs" that will be amortized over a number shows: - Display booth design and production - Product literature - Hand outs - Staff training - Show promotion (free passes to clients, etc.) If you estimate that your campaign costs will service 4 shows, then take these costs and add 25% of the total campaign costs to the cost of each show. That should give you a realistic estimate of the total cost of each show: Cost to to Attend Show = Specific Show Costs + pro-rated Campaign Costs **Calculating Your Break Even Point** Now that you have a fairly clear idea of your costs, it should be possible to arrive at an accurate estimate of your Break Even Point for each show -- the number of sales you have to make to cover your costs. For instance, let's say you calculate that your costs for Show A are $3,000 (including a pro-rated amount for the one-time costs such as the booth). And let's say you can relatively easily calculate your "gross profit" on each sale (gross sale amount minus out-of-pocket). For example, in the case of the wedding photographer let's say his gross profit margin is 50%, and the average sale is $1,000. That would give him a Gross Profit of $500 per sale. In order to recover his $3,000 he will have to get 6 sales (6 x $500 Gross Profit on each sale) **Factors Affecting Conversion Rate** What are his chances of getting 6 sales from a specific show? Well that depends. If our photographer goes to a wedding show with 1000 warm and willing blushing-brides-to-be battering down the doors of the show, then perhaps 6 is a conservative estimate. However, if the show has only 200 attendees, it might be much more difficult to get 6 sales. But that also depends. A smaller show may have fewer exhibitors (less competition), will have a more intimate feel about it, will give you more time with each prospective client. And, of course it will cost considerably less than a bigger show -- so his break even sales point may be considerably less. The same goes for much larger shows: more attendees (prospective sales), but higher costs, and much more (and more intense) competition. So the "conversion rate" (number of sales per 1000 attendees) will be lower. There will be more people, but they may be harder to sell. Once you have a feeling for the idea of "conversion rate" you can start to see how other factors have an important bearing on it: the price of your service, the attractiveness of your presentation, the quality of your samples and handouts, and so on. Every show and every product will have its "conversion rates", and the only way you can establish the numbers for your own business is to research, experiment, and constantly "tweak" your presentation. It certainly wouldn't hurt to talk to friends and acquaintances who have trade show experience. Ask them about their own success rates. Ask them how many actual sales they get from a good show. Ask them which shows have been most successful for them, and how often they have broken even. **Putting it together...** The only way you can arrive at hard conclusions is by trying. That will allow you to establish a track record. If you think the numbers for a particular show almost add up, then take a stab. Go to a show or two, and when it is over do a careful analysis of your costs and returns. Then you can establish a reliable "Target Conversion Rate" -- a number you can seriously shoot for and expect to reach -- and then you're in business. Preparing a trade show budget for next year will be a piece of cake. And of course, once you do commit to a show or two, your focus has to immediately shift to hitting (and smashing through) that Target Conversion Rate. Design a better display, have more impressive samples and portfolio books, fine tune your product, get some memorable handouts, memorize your sales pitch, take voice lessons, get a hair cut...

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Consumers Get in Touch With New Technology

No matter who you are or where you are, you are likely feeling the growth of touchscreen technology. Today, frequent fliers often enter flight information using self-serve kiosks and soar through airport check-in, skipping the otherwise long lines. Busy moms may use car touchscreen systems to find directions, control air temperature and more. And businesspeople who require communication access at all times invest in advanced communication devices to stay in touch. Whether it's used by people stopping by the ATM to get some quick cash or casting a vote, touchscreen technology is taking off, converting everyday tasks into fast and convenient experiences. The technology appeals to all ages and in a variety of industries. Retail outlet store merchandisers are using touchscreen as a new marketing strategy to engage consumers while delivering product information at the touch of a finger. FAO Schwarz, for example, has installed 17-inch Planar touchscreens as part of a consumer design center for the Hot Wheels Custom Car Factory in its New York store. Using the Planar touchscreen kiosk, shoppers can customize their own Hot Wheels car with special colors, designs, wheels and rims. Other toy manufacturers are taking advantage of touch technology to provide entertaining and educational toys for children who are too young to have developed the motor skills required for a regular computer. The restaurant industry also is seeing the benefits of touch-integrated point-of-sale systems to improve order-processing time. Easy-to-use touchscreen devices enable servers to enter food orders faster and more accurately, enhancing the overall dining experience. Tableside units in restaurants provide customers with a variety of entertainment and information options, such as playing video games or surfing the Web. Other industries embracing touchscreen technology include automotive (car rental information portals, GPS systems), industrial (ATMs, gas station service pumps) and health care (outpatient information kiosks). Receptive consumers and falling prices have enabled touch technology to spread its reach across a wide range of markets. As a result, it is making strong inroads as a primary way for consumers to get more "in touch" with products, services and information. - NU

Commercial Mortgage Refresher Course

Securing financing is a real need for almost every business, particularly for those interested in real estate investments. Most investors realize the hardest thing to come up with is the actual cash to make the investment in an income property. Granted, it is never easy to find others to invest their money in your real estate project, but perhaps it is not as hard as many would lead you to believe. In fact, many banks and financial service institutions offer a variety of options acquiring the funds necessary to make an investment. One of the best ways to fund an income or rental property is by using a commercial mortgage. Most any bank will offer some version of a commercial mortgage.

Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage may be a new term to you, but chances are you are already quite familiar with the fundamentals that make up a commercial mortgage. If you have ever owned your own home then you likely took out a mortgage to pay off the seller of the house. A home mortgage is not much different than a commercial mortgage. Just as a home mortgage is secured against the land and the structure built on that land so too is a commercial mortgage. Taking out a commercial mortgage will typically result in set monthly payments on the loan in much the same manner as a home mortgage functions.

With that basic understanding of what a commercial mortgage is, now you are empowered with a viable option for financing the investment property you are interested in purchasing. Before you take out the mortgage you will want to shop around for competitive terms. Some banks will offer more competitive interest rates then others. It is also important to note that some banks will have prepayment penalties while others may not assess any penalty for paying the loan off ahead of time. If you plan on paying off the loan before it matures it will be important to find a bank that doesn’t assess prepayment penalties.

Mortgage Bridge Loan

If you are already familiar with the commercial mortgage process and are just looking for a short term loan that will aid you in moving from one investment property to another in a relatively short time frame, you should consider a mortgage bridge loan. A mortgage bridge loan offers more flexibility than a commercial mortgage can, and thus can be helpful when your investment window is very short. You might also consider using a mortgage bridge loan to pay off your old commercial mortgage and then roll it into a commercial mortgage package for the new investment property deal you are working on. Mortgage bridge loans can be used in a variety of ways and you should visit your lender if a mortgage bridge loan interests you.

As you search for viable financing options, the most important thing to remember is that there is a myriad of options available to you. However, not all these options will be a good fit for your financing needs. Be sure to do your homework and learn about the various financial instruments offered before rushing to decisions. If you are patient, you will find a financial instrument, such as a commercial mortgage, that fits your needs and will help you on your way to success.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Choosing A Rubber Stamp That Meets Your Needs

When you want to make an "impression" there is no better way than with a rubber stamp. You can find a rubber stamp with a great design on it that expresses your personality, or order a custom rubber stamp with your name, address or company logo on it. Rubber stamps are great for business or pleasure; they are great for kids and for executives, depending on what they are used for. Rubber stamps come in a variety of styles and choosing one over another is going to depend on the use for the stamp. Three common types of rubber stamps are: standard rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and pre-inked stamps. Traditional Rubber Stamps Standard rubber stamps are a good value for the money and are good for ordinary use. They are usually designed with wooden bases and handles and rubber heads. You can order a custom rubber stamp with your own phrase or information on it; and it is common for standard rubber stamps to have stock phrases like “Approved,” “Draft” or “Paid” on them for business use. Standard rubber stamps are available with dies that are made out of, photo polymer, or traditional rubber. Photo polymer stamp dies do not perform well with industrial inks. Rubber is the best material for standard stamps - it is durable and flexible. You will need to purchase an ink pad to go along with a standard rubber stamp, and there are many colors of ink available. Traditional Rubber Stamps can be made in any size or shape. Self Inking Rubber Stamps With self-inking rubber stamps, you do not need a separate ink pad. A rubber die is mounted to a plate that strikes a built-in ink pad each time an impression is made. You don’t have to worry about the mess caused when you accidentally touch the ink and get it on your fingers as self inking stamps have the stamp and the ink pad self contained. They can make thousands of impressions before their internal ink pads need to be reinked. Self-inking stamps are popular for business purposes, mass mailings, or if you simply are tired of writing your address by hand on every letter you send. These are good for repetitive stamping tasks and are usually used for custom work like address stamps and endorsement stamps, or for general business uses. Pre inked Rubber Stamps A pre-inked stamp does not require a separate ink pad either since the ink resides within the stamp’s surface. The ink is transmitted to the paper’s surface through microscopic pores in the rubber which also prevent leakage. A pre-inked rubber stamp is refilled by placing more ink into its reservoir. Like self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps are good to use when you have many impressions to make, such as mass mailings or if you want to have a stamp with your address or monogram on it. You might wonder which rubber stamp is right for you: a standard, self-inking or pre-inked stamp. A standard rubber stamp can be a good choice if you do not use it very often because a standard rubber stamp takes more time to use than the other varieties (i.e. you have to ink the stamp on the ink pad and then make the impression on the paper’s surface). Both the self-inking stamps and the pre-inked stamps are good options for business use. They are both neat and convenient, and can make a thousand impressions before more ink is needed. Pre Inked Stamps are the best decision if you are looking for a quality stamp.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Casinos Most Guarded Secrets

The secrets of the casinos are not the kind of secrets that you may think. They are not secrets like the third slot machine in every row pays out on the hour, they are more like things they do to distract you from the obvious. One of the biggest secret the casinos do not want you to know is that if you use your head and not act irrationally you can go home with some money in your pockets, unfortunately most people enter a casino and all logic flies right out of their heads. They start seeing the bells and whistles of the casinos, and people with stacks of chips and all they can think of is what they are going to do with all the money they are going to win from the casino. Using your head is the key to winning money in the casino. The first think you need to remember is that the odds of you winning the big jackpot are so outrageously against you, that it is not worth losing your hard earned money on. So by being smart and not trying to get rich on one spin of the roulette wheel, one toss of the dice at the Craps table or one go on the slot machine you can consistently win smaller amounts that at the end of the day can a large sum of money. Next time you are in the casino try going to the 10 dollar Roulette table and only play red or black. Each win you will double your bet, and at 10 dollars a spin you can make 100 dollars in less then 30 minutes. I usually walk up to a table and wait for the wheel to land on the same color 3 times in a row then bet on the other color. Then after I have made some money I will start to play some other bets, but I only stay on the outside of the board. The odds are much better at 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 instead of 40 to 1. Using this method I have managed to turn $20 into $900 in just over 3 hrs. It may not sound like a fortune, but as I said before walking in poor and walking out a millionaire is not realistic. Next time you are at a casino look for a clock or window. Ok do not waste your time, there are none. Another secret of the casinos is that they want you to have no concept of time. When you are gambling time seems to go faster, and if there were clocks or a window in the casino you would have some idea of how long you have been gambling and would then start to think about leaving the casino instead if losing all track of time and spending all day and night in the casino. They do this because at some point you will start to get tired but be kept awake from the adrenalin from gambling, and at this point you can't think straight, and you will start to spend money faster. Always remember the casinos are not there to make you dreams come true they are there to take you for all your money. Any time you leave the casino with some of the casinos money it was accidental. Some of the tricks the casinos use to keep you gambling are: No Windows No Clocks Ugly colors in the rugs and walls around the exits, and nice colors around the gamming areas will subliminally make you not want to go to those areas. The worse the odds of you winning the nicer the colors of that area will be. By keeping this information in mind you will not be going home from the casinos and quitting your job but you will have more money in your pocket and you will have had a good time making that money.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cash Gifting: Is Cash Gifting Really as Easy as You Hear?

Everywhere you turn today, you hear people talking about the simplicity and effectiveness of cash gifting. Are the rumors true? Can you truly generate loads of passive wealth from cash gifting programs? The answer is yes, but there are a few considerations. Let’s take a look: • You need to first understand what it is. It’s easy! You give a gift of cash. You promote the offer to other like-minded individuals, and then you receive gifts of cash in return. • Anyone can do this, but it isn’t something that is effortless. You still have the issue of promotion to consider. Even if you are giving away free chunks of gold, nobody will take it if they do not know about it, right? You have to get the word out. Getting the word out implies marketing. That’s the bottom line with everything online or off. • Anyone can learn effective marketing techniques. They exist and they are able to be assimilated. You just have to be diligent and purposeful. It is known that over 98% of all online marketing attempts fail. It has nothing to do with what is being promoted. It has everything to do with promotional techniques. People are erroneous to believe that just any old method of online promotion will do. The hard truth is quite to the contrary. • Cash gifting is definitely less difficult than other promotional efforts though. This is because you are promoting exactly what everyone wants for sure: CASH! There is nothing easier to promote because the value of the product is thoroughly understood and desired by the general public already. You do not have to convince anyone of the potential uses or benefits to having more cash. • Every other type of Internet marketing program revolves around trying to sell others a product or products that they have no interest in or use for. They buy these products only in hopes to generate cash for themselves. With cash gifting, we can eliminate the nonsense and get down to what we all are really after. That’s right: CASH! Take the next step in developing your dreams. Explore the realm of cash gifting further today. You will learn why the Internet communities and private communities are all excitedly talking about it. You give to those in need. You promote what everyone truly desires. People come to you to learn of the vast potential. In return, you receive gifts of pure, sweet cash. Yes, it is legitimate. Yes, it is proven. Yes, it takes some work. Yes, it can be for you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can Slow Growth Boost Outsourcing?

It is no secret that more and more companies are moving their projects outside of the company walls by using outsourcing and freelance services to complete the projects. This move has made it possible for companies the world over to remain profitable in the face of economic downturns. This speaks directly to the benefits to be had when outsourcing projects to freelance professionals from all over the world. So many people are skilled in certain areas that they hardly ever use, mostly because they took a job in the world that was outside of their qualifications in order to survive in the failing economy that is plaguing the world. This is not uncommon. Those with degrees in electronics and their inner-workings are especially prone to this because of the cut throat market that reigns. Upon graduating, these people will most often take a job that has little to do with the education they have received. This is a huge waste of resources as many companies will not hire such persons because they have little or no skills in the real world. Barring a complete and total makeover of the way that companies hire professionals, the only chance these people have is to take on freelance jobs that have been outsourced by a company in need of such services. This is becoming common place in this world as freelancing takes a hold and makes it mark on the professional world. Outsourcing is rapidly becoming the best way for companies to save money in light of the downturn that the economy has taken. Little can be gained by these companies when they attempt to keep the projects in house. Moreover, they stand to lose substantial amounts of money by attempting to hire and train someone for the project when you take into consideration all the benefits and salary that must be paid to persons that work inside the company. Outsourcing does away with the need for such benefits by hiring professionals from outside the company walls to make certain that the project is completed in a timely and efficient manner without the large costs involved in training someone for the project. The beauty of outsourcing lies in the simplicity of it all. The freelance professionals that are available for outsourcing the projects are already trained in the inner-workings of the project. This saves the company not only time but money in the long run. The fact remains that hiring a professional for full time work is not productive in most cases when the project is a one time thing that may lead to the possibility of more work but does not guarantee as such. This means that a company may only benefit from a person’s knowledge once and never again. Then if they have already hired such a person then they are required to put into place a full time salary and benefits package that will cost them more than the project is worth in the end. So in essence the company has wasted the valuable resources they have when it comes to a one shot project that is not guaranteed to bring in any long term profits for the company. That is where the outsourcing of projects comes into play. Instead of hiring a full time employee with long term pay and benefits, the company takes part in outsourcing by opening the bidding floor to qualified freelance professionals who will bid for a one time flat fee for the project. Under the outsourcing system, freelance professionals bid and are awarded the project based on their individual merits and the price that they have bid for the project. If they have the skills required then they simply complete the project in exchange for the pay that is agreed upon. That is the only connection that the freelance professional that is hired for outsourcing has to the company and can make no claims to the company for more than the agreed upon pay. This is all done in the comfort of outside locations. This means that the person does not have an office inside the company and is not subject to any benefits that the other employees of the company enjoy. This in itself has saved the company a lot of money. When you take all the factors into consideration you see that outsourcing is the way to go for a lot of things. Many companies are finding that they can run with a surprisingly low number of employees on their payroll as compared to previous years when they use outsourcing as their main method of completing projects especially when it comes to those things that require special training and knowledge that is not taught in the base education of the employees that they regularly hire. There is the possibility that many companies will find improved profit margins in relation to the former bottom lines that they once thought to be too low. In the essence of good business decisions, more and more companies are outsourcing their projects in an effort to streamline their business with an eye to the future. There is much to be gained by outsourcing the projects that a company needs completed. All over the globe there are people who are highly skilled but not using those skills in their normal jobs. This is a tragedy to many who know that these professionals can be tapped to provide valuable services to the companies all over the world that are spending millions of dollars more than they should be to get the work done that is so vital to the company. Most of the knowledge that can be found in the freelance professionals of the world that take part in outsourcing is mandatory for the companies of today. So much is relied upon by these companies and it is of the utmost importance that they work to maintain a higher profit margin in an effort to boost the world out of the recession that it currently is in to provide the best work possible for their customers. In the end if there are no customers than there is no business and they need to find cheaper ways in which to maintain an airtight business without harming that which is important to them. Outsourcing is the only solution to the problem as more and more companies are struggling and laying off workers in an effort to remain profitable. They will notice a 50% decrease in costs when outsourcing takes place on the projects that can be completed by freelance professionals. If the economy continues on the downward spiral than a great loss of jobs is not far off in the horizon. This speaks directly to the need for outsourcing of the projects that companies need to the freelance professionals of the world who can get the job done at a fraction of the cost and normally within a shorter amount of time than originally conceived. To maintain this type of business most companies will benefit in a short period of time when they outsource the projects to those who do not operate in house. Furthering the cause of outsourcing is of vital importance to all those who need the work completed in a timely manner and with the professional quality that so many can bring to the table.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Business Plans - What is including?

Business Plan - What Is It? A business plan is a document that provide answers to the type of questions anyone who may provide financing would like to know about your home business. A business plan says. "I've considered this from every angle, and here's what I've come up with". What is your product or service? This is the first question every business plan should answer. You must explain in the clear, concise language what in the world you plan to produce or what service you plan to provide. Who are Your Customers? You need to clearly identify your customers in order to properly target your advertising, packaging, pricing, et. What Makes You Different? You need to identify the "primary factors" that will make your business different than other businesses you'll be competing with. What are Your Expenses? Your start-up expenses include any equipment that you need before you can get up-and-running, while your day-to-day expenses are staff costs and supplies. Following is a Simplified Example of Business Plan Catering Plus The business will be a home-based catering company, producing luxury food for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. We will provide a comprehensive catering service, while specializing in high end customized cakes, which have a higher profit margin than other foods. Our catering business will be aimed at middle-class customers who desire a top-of-the-line catering but must operate on a budget. Our initial market area will consist of Mytown and the affluent area of Theretown. We will only use commerical grade ingredients purchased from wholesalers and provide top quality design and service. This will allow us to provide food that looks tastes great, while keeping costs as low as possible. Beause I will be using my kitchen and making the food myself, there are only two real expenses: The purchase of an industrial grade mixer and then the day-to-day cost of supplies. Our research has shown that this supplier offers the best value for start-ups. To wrap it up, you should include a breakdown of both projected profit and loss per month (in graph form)for the first year in business. Show one-time and day-to-day expenses versus projected profit to indicate how you will pay-off your loan. Your business plan should show you making enough of a profit each month to live on - if it doesn't, then it may be considered unfeasible. Study a Few Real-World Business Plans The best way to get a real a feel for the dos and do nots of a business plans is to find real-world plans that have already been approved and study them. A good place to start is the internet. Once you've studied a few, you will get a better feel for how much work will be involved in putting your business plan together.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Business Loan Information and it's use

Finance is always a main issue, when it comes to start a new business. You can have various innovative ideas and plans, but you just cannot think to move ahead, if you do not have enough funds. New business loan is a specifically made loan option to help all those, who want to begin a new business. New business loan can provide enough funds to a budding businessperson for various business purposes. While applying for a new business loan, a businessperson gets an option to choose either secured new business loan or unsecured new business loan. Well, a borrower can chose a secured business loan if he can offer any collateral against the loan amount. Well, offering the security or collateral automatically helps the borrower as he gets some advantages. Usually, secured new business loan comes with a big loan amount and longer repayment period. Besides these advantages, a borrower also gets flexibility in terms and conditions due to involvement of guarantee. On the other hand, unsecured new business loan is the only option, for someone incapable to offer security or guarantee against the loan amount. Well, in those cases, a borrower would get the loan amount quickly due to involvement of lesser paper work, but a lender would not allow a longer repayment period. To find a new business loan is not a difficult task, but a borrower needs to have all the related papers before applying for new business loan. Besides that, a borrower should do a comprehensive research about a new business loan, to avoid any sort of perplexity in future. Secured loans can be used in a variety of ways. The most common ways to obtain a secured loan is with a car, mortgage or business loan. You see with these three types of secured loans you are being awarded money for the collateral you provide. Let's look at how this will work. For a business secured loan you must have some form of collateral to get the loan. Most often this is the inventory, building, or equipment that you have for the business. You can only apply for the amount the business is worth. In some cases you may only receive a loan to value of 75 to 95 percent depending on the lending company. If the business is worth 100,000 pounds that is the maximum amount you could get a loan for. Most secured loans for businesses should not be the maximum amount unless you are assured that you can pay off the debt through your business dealings. Business loans tend to be shorter in duration than a home loan. A home loan or mortgage is another type of secured debt in which you are offering up the property for the loan. The loan to value is currently 75 to 85 percent, with only a few loan companies offering 95 percent. The value of the home and therefore the loan is dependent on the market and the area the home is in. If the homes in your area are going for less than what you are trying to buy a home for then you might not get the loan you want.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Business Building vs. Opportunity Chasing

A business builder envisions what they want their business to become. The vision eventually becomes a plan based on analysis of personal and competition strengths and weakness, the marketplace, and strategies of ways and means to materialize the vision. Opportunity chasing is an invitation to under achieve because time is spent looking for and trying out the best deal on the hottest trend instead of building business with strategy focused on product line congruent with personal values, business growth, and the customer base that drives it. While all these characteristics may be present in any opportunity, analysis of how your time and money converts to Return On Investment (ROI) may not be clear. With no other test but whether or not it can make some money as soon as possible, opportunists chase the elusive get rich quick easy promotions. Although sales and network matrix building are important business assets, what opportunists tend to overlook are basic long-term strategic plans. Instead of chasing opportunities, business builders tend to analyze and develop them. Business building whether on or off the internet requires a variety of skills that must be developed for any specialized but profitable segment of a market or niche. Therefore, one main difference between business building and opportunity chasing is how leverage is used. Opportunity seekers tend to choose offers that appear to be do-able from their personal effort as part of a team or network of affiliates which begs the question, who is leveraging whom? Conversely, the business builder tends to select only product and service opportunities that support a scalable business where personal time and ROI can be leveraged for profit. Network or matrix marketing is geared to out-task work up and down the lines of the network. While this certainly generates a flow of money for products and services, any real or perceived long term benefit to participants may be significantly less than expected. In theory, ROI compels many opportunity seekers to do the same thing as everyone else. In practice, they end up trying to do it longer, faster, and smarter than everyone else with a net result of diminishing returns or lower ROI and their expectations shattered by apparent under achievement. On the other hand, business builders out-source instead of out-task to quite simply continue to add value to their time instead of having it fixed or decreased by matrix limits. The measurable difference between out-sourcing and out-tasking is whether your time produces an increase or decrease of your return on investment. The site was set up to teach business building by involving participants as co-authors in ebook projects. In theory, ROI should produce a win-win outcome. Unfortunately in practice, it differs more often for opportunity chasers than business builders. Opportunity choosing and business building are both important activities, but one without the other is like a car without gas, a nice ride but doesn’t go very far.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bringing Architects and Their Partners Together: The Power of a Secure Extranet

An extranet is a private network within which document sharing can take place by specific groups of users outside the organization through a network administrator. An organization may allow authorized customers and partner’s access to the system after verifying the usernames and passwords. The extranet: Enhanced document sharing and collaboration Architectural firms have increasingly been using extranet to send and receive documents in a secure environment. All the relevant information about a particular project can be made available to all the individuals who are part of the project, be it the clients or other partners in the venture. Construction companies can access the CAD drawings and plans immediately, without much waiting. It also enhances the relationship with the clients who can receive the relevant documents and send their approvals accordingly. Outsourcing Extranet Services Some firms have not shown interest in implementation of the extranet because of the complexity involved and the high cost of installation and maintenance. It requires purchase of equipment, the necessary hardware and software for its implementation and training to maintain the system. However, there are hosting companies to whom the implementation and maintenance of the extranet can be outsourced. These hosting companies, also called application service providers (ASPs) not only provide the technical support, they also provide all the security measures required to keep the data secure. An architectural firm need not worry about the purchase and installation of any hardware or software installation or setup. The hosting company also provides maintenance and training to the staff. The firm just requires paying a fee to the application service provider for all the services it renders. Advantages of an extranet Extranets allows all the team members working on the project, be it the employees, vendors, suppliers or clients to share the design plans, documents and hence collaborate online. This aids in a better customer service and prevents unnecessary lengthening of project schedules. A lot of money is invested in any architectural venture and all the delays lead to substantial amount of money going down the drain. An extranet gives a platform to the workers to perform multi- site collaborations. Since all the data exchanges take place in real time, there are chances of less rework. With the usage of extranets increasing, special software packages have been developed specifically for the architectural firms. They support project management, e-mail management, accounting and scheduling. An extranet not only enhances the process of decision-making but also improves the relationship among clients and partners.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boxer Briefs – Drawing More Values

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