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Consulting Rates - What Are My Competitors Charging?

Consulting rates of your competitors provide an excellent starting point for your own billing rate analysis. If you know you competitor's consulting rates you can analyze various rate scenarios within a tighter range. You don't want to under or over price your own services and this information gives you valuable insight into what your target clients are currently willing to pay.

Techniques For Competitor Sleuthing

If you have friends or acquaintances that are niche technology providers, ask them what the going consulting rates are
Ask business partners, accountants and management consultants what consulting rate their clients pay
When you go to user group meetings, inquire about the going consulting rate in the area
Try to access government bid information - the consulting rates will be quoted
Look through old paperwork supplied by your clients and see if there is any mention of the consulting rate - purchase history, work billed, etc...

The Bottom Line on Consulting Rates

Setting your consulting rate requires knowledge. You have to know what your services are worth in the market. The best way to do this is to find out what your competitors' consulting rates are. Get creative: use your network, don't be shy about asking people outright, and do some snooping. Once you know the going rates in your area it is much easier for you to strategically position your own consulting rate.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Compromising Business Behavior: How Not To Expose Your Company's Secrets

Everyday behaviors such as using your laptop at the airport or conducting a business call while walking down a crowded street can jeopardize your company's information.

"Most corporate intelligence losses aren't a result of high-tech crime," says Ira Winkler, president of the Internet Security Advisors Group and author of "Spies Among Us: How to Stop the Spies, Terrorists, Hackers, and Criminals You Don't Even Know You Encounter Every Day." "They're the result of human errors or system loopholes that can be remedied easily and cost-effectively."

Yet many small- and mid-sized companies remain vulnerable because they don't believe they're at risk. According to the Small Business Technology Institute, more than half of all small businesses in the U.S.-or as many as 13 million-experienced a security breach in the past year due to insufficient virus protection, employee manipulation (also called social engineering) or everyday behaviors that disclose business strategies unintentionally.

That's why Winkler teamed up with Office Depot to create a downloadable brochure, called "Compromising Behaviors: Don't Leave Your Business Exposed," with simple, affordable recommendations for protecting corporate information. Among the highlights:

• Always use passwords and keep them safe. Passwords are a simple way to protect your information but make sure to avoid basic passwords, like your name or phone number, that could be easily figured out by intruders. Do not write down your password, keep it in a secure location and do not share it. Trouble remembering passwords? The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader helps by eliminating the need for passwords entirely.

• Be cautious when reading confidential information. Reviewing documents when traveling or working outside the office can maximize your time, but you want to be sure important information is kept safe from prying eyes. One helpful solution: Use a laptop privacy filter like the 3M™ Notebook Privacy Filter, which darkens screen data from a side view-allowing only the user to view information on-screen.

• Keep your PC and security software up to date. Just like you put on your seat belt when driving a car, the most basic security protection for your PC is to make sure the operating system is up to date and utilizing the recommended security updates. Likewise, you should always install antivirus software, anti-spyware and a personal firewall to protect computer files. Keep your software updated, as new viruses and spyware bugs are released virtually daily. One protective software package is the Office Depot Internet Security Suite, which shields against viruses, spyware, hackers and phishing scams.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coin Collecting goes online in unique Coin Trading Forum for Coin Collectors.

Toronto, ON May 18, 2007 – As the old saying goes, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned.’ Depending on the age, condition and rarity of that same penny – it could prove to be worth a lot more.

It is generally believed that coin collecting began in the fourteenth century. Today, it is considered a very competitive sport among devote coin collectors and coin traders. Coin collecting has become such a huge industry in the United States, each year one week in April is noted as National Coin Week.

This year’s event ran from April 15 – 21. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) sponsors this annual event as a way to increase general public interest in coin collecting. A coin drop kicks off the week long festivities and collectors are encouraged to put one of their collectables into circulation in the hope that the person who receives it will become a rare coin collector once this treasure has been found.

The art of coin trading is quickly modernizing and is making the move on-line. One unique site, Coin Trading Online, on the web at connects buying collectors and sellers in an Internet forum for discussion and trading of rare and precious coins from around the world.

Each collector has a different approach to coin collecting – some try to collect nickels or pennies from each year as far back as possible while others focus on various special collections issued by the US Mint or other providers of currency. For many coin collectors, coins can become a profitable investment.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Como Ganar Jugando Video Poquer

La mayoría de la gente te dirá que la única manera de salir de un casino siendo Millonario es entrar siendo un Millonario, pero la realidad es que no es completamente verdad. Solo es la forma más fácil de hacerlo.

Si eres el tipo de persona que no teme a los riesgos para ganar grandes sumas, entonces puede que esto te sea útil.

Las maquinas de video Póquer pueden ser encontradas en cada casino, en los clásicos casinos o en línea. Estas maquinas ofrecen las mejores posibilidades de hacerte un millonario si sabes como jugar.

Todo lo que necesitas es una tarjeta de crédito con por lo menos $20,000 y los cojones de arriesgarlo, en lo que puede ser menos de 20 minutos. Recomiendo guardar hasta $20,000 dólares antes de que lo intentes y no solo gastar el dinero de tu tarjeta.

El juego que elijas es muy importante. Hay muchos tipos de juegos diferentes de poquer ofrecidos en forma de video. En algunos juegas en un computador y el jugador con la mejor mano ganara, en otros no hay otros jugadores, la mejor mano que obtengas la maquina pagara mas. Un par paga 1:1; dos pares pagan 2:1 y sucesivamente. El segundo tipo de video póquer es el que mas te conviene.

Recuerda que esto no es no es una garantía de que ganaras, y si no ganas dinero puede que quedes con menos $20,000 dólares. Pero la realidad es que puede hacerte ganar mucho efectivo, de una forma bastante sencilla.

Usualmente conviene comenzar con por lo menos 20,000 dólares, y haciendo apuestas de $1,000 cada tanto, y así comenzar a ganar el gran monto real.

Te recomiendo no aumentar tus apuestas a mas de $1,000 hasta que no hayas hecho por lo menos $100,000.

He descubierto este método hace dos años; He gastado mis fines de semana en el casino jugando al poquer blackjack, Ruleta, sin ganar nada de dinero, pero durante la semana jugaba video póquer desde mi casa, y ganaba montos que nunca lo había hecho antes.

Un día decidí intentarlo y en vez de gastar mi dinero en juegos de mesa fui directamente al video póquer, y para el final del fin de semana había ganado casi $60,000 dólares.

Ahora cada dos o tres meses voy al casino, con una cuenta de $20,000 y gano montos que nunca había pensado ganar nunca antes.

Recuerda que no hay garantías que esto te resulte un 100 por ciento, ya que ha habido momentos en donde puedes perder tus $20,000 antes de ganar tu primera buena mano, pero también puede que recibas una increíble mano y ganes de una $25,000 en la primera mano. Aprende más sobre eso en Juegos de casinos 6.

Sin duda las apuestas de casino son un tipo de actividad la cual puedes decepcionarte mucho o sorprenderte por haber recibido grandes ganancias. Si sientes que tu situación económica no pasa por sus mejores momentos, debes esperar hasta sentirte mas seguro para no tener grandes decepciones. Al mismo tiempo si buscas ganar dinero rápido, puede que sea tu oportunidad.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Choosing the Right Credit Card Processing Terminal

If you are considering getting a merchant account so your business can accept credit cards, you are probably wondering what kind of credit card terminal will be best for you. There are many things to consider when choosing your terminal; here are some of the most important aspects of your decision.

First off, think about if you really need a credit card terminal. If you run a mail order business or take sales over the Internet, you probably don't need a terminal, but if you run a business where you deal with your customers in person, you'll want to have a machine where they can swipe their cards.

Next you need to consider the type of connection your terminal needs to have. The old credit card machines used a telephone line to connect and complete the transaction. This is still a good choice if you have a dedicated phone line (or can share a phone line between the card terminal and your fax machine, for instance).

Newer models use Internet connections or even wireless connections, which may be a better option if your business is already wired for Internet. Talk to your payment processing company to determine what sort of transmission type is right for you.

You also need to think about exactly what you need your credit card terminal to do. Would you like it to print out two receipts automatically, for instance, or would you rather use carbon paper? Or would you prefer a terminal that includes a pad and electronic pen so the customer can "sign" directly on the terminal?

You can even get Tap and Go terminals that allow customers with certain cards to literally tap their cards on the machine and get instant approval. Customers without those cards can still swipe their regular credit card, and no signature is required.

Another option you might want to consider is whether you want a credit card terminal that can also allow you to accept debit cards. These machines have a keypad that allows users to enter their PIN number.

Accepting debit cards is great for you because you don't pay all the fees you pay if you accept a debit card without allowing the customer to enter his or her PIN. It's a very secure transaction method and something you definitely should think about.

When thinking about what kind of credit card terminal to get, consider all your options and weigh your needs and the needs of your customers against the price of different terminals your payment processor offers. Some processors even provide equipment for free, which makes it even more attractive to get all the features you want.

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Checking your Tires on a Monthly Basis is an Important Safely Rule

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Tire care and safety is a simple and easy process. In fact the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) recommends that you make a habit of checking them every month. It only takes five minutes. Remember to check the spare too! It is also recommended that you check your tires before a long trip.

Maintaining the correct pressure is essential. In fact under inflation can result in the tire failing. Check your owner’s manual to make sure you know the correct pressure required by your tires. When you do check the pressure make sure the tires are cool. The pressure goes up as the tires get hot from driving. This will give you an incorrect reading. Do not over fill the tire either.

Uneven tire wear can be caused by misalignment of the front or rear wheels. It can also be caused by faulty tire balance. Visually check your tires every month. If you observe uneven tire wear take you vehicle to your tire dealer for their expert opinion. If you notice extremely rapid tread wear this can also be caused by misalignment. While driving misalignment can cause your vehicle to pull or vibrate. If you notice irregular tire wear it is also good idea to have your tires rotated. Speak to your tire dealer about any issues relating to misalignment, tire balance and rotation. The general rule of thumb is to rotate your tires every 6,000 miles. However, always check your owner’s manual for their specific recommendation.

Worn tires can result in hydroplaning or skidding. You should replace your tire if the tread is worn down to 1/16 of an inch. At this point you will also see tread wear indicators appearing on your tire which indicates that the tire is worn out and is in need of replacement.

Other suggestions to maintain tire condition and prevent premature wear includes avoiding driving over objects on the road, avoiding driving over potholes, and avoiding driving over or hitting curbs. It is also recommended that you do not overload your vehicle when driving. Your owner’s manual will give you specifics on maximum loads for your vehicle. Pay attention to your tires. They are an important factor in the safety of you and your fellow passengers while driving. Always consult your tire dealer if you have any suspicions or questions regarding the condition of your tires. They are the true experts.

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CD and DVD Replication Take Marketing to the Next Level

Every business needs to have an edge, and it's been proven time and time again that creative, attention-grabbing marketing strategies can push a product into prominence, garner media attention, and reinforce brand awareness and loyalty. In today's world, multimedia rules. For that reason, CDs, DVDs, and even HD-DVDs should be part of your marketing repertoire.

Getting Your Message Out

Whether you need to send out training materials to employees or product information to prospective customers, CD replication services or DVD replication services can help you place your information in front of your target audience in a format that they will embrace. Similarly, you can easily use CD duplication or DVD duplication services to make thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of discs that can be sold, handed out a trade shows, bound in along with magazine advertisements, or bundled inside mass mailers. And, when your goal is to disseminate the highest quality images that technology has to offer, you can even take advantage of HD-DVD duplication services.

Finding the Right Partner

Whether you're interested in HD-DVD replication or CD duplication, it's critical to choose the right company with which to do business. Here are some characteristics to look for in a manufacturer:

Experience: Your multimedia disc will say volumes about your company, so you need to ensure that the manufacturer you work with has extensive experience in CD and DVD replication, media services, and information technology.

Customer Service: The company you use should place a premium on customer service, and should have a client roster that contains repeat customers.

Cutting Edge Technology: Look for comprehensive premastering, mastering, and replication services for all CD and DVD formats, as well as the ability to copy protect your discs. For example, the company should use a laser beam recording machine to transfer your digital information onto a glass master, which is then developed and activated, and then transferred to a bath to grow the stamper that will provide you with DVD replication or CD duplication.

Quality Control: Ensure that the company you select has exceptional quality control standards. For example, the first discs that are replicated should be tested bit-for-bit against the original, and should also be played in a variety of drives and players to test functionality.

Creativity: The service you choose should be able to go beyond standard round discs and provide you with creative options that include customized designs and disc shapes. You could, for example, distribute a CD that is the size of a business card, that is in a shape that reflects the nature of your business or the theme of your campaign, or that has other unique characteristics.

Packaging: At the very least, the company you work with should be able to offer UV cured inks and up to five-color printing on durable labels for your CDs or DVDs. Beyond that, the best companies also offer incredibly effective packaging services that will make your CD or DVD stand out from the crowd.

From products to promotions, you can use CD and DVD replication that will put you ahead of your competition and enhance your company's image.

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czech republic investment property

Since the Czech Republic joined the EU in May 2004, it has attracted more and more investment to the country. So in 2007, is the market still viable for those searching for a Czech Republic investment property?

According to the Czech Statistical Office, records for the first six months of the year indicate that the Czech Republic is enjoying a prosperous 2007, and overall confidence in the economy reached a record level in August. Alongside the healthy economy, the country is also seeing an increase in consumer spending, which is good news for the property market and good news for those wishing to buy a Czech Republic investment property.

Most investment is focused on Prague, a central destination that is easy to get to with cheap daily flights. Prices for apartments in Prague are increasing at 20 percent per year with gross rental yields currently around 7.5 to 8.5 percent. The average investor has been buying their Czech Republic investment property for around £150,000 in the capital’s top locations, Prague districts 1 to 5. But this city has prices to suit all pockets from £30,000 to hundreds of thousands of pounds. PragueProperty4Less currently has five city developments with apartments available across the £39,200 to £250,000 range. They anticipate a capital appreciation of over 10 percent a year for the next five years.

For those searching for a low-budget, buy-to-let Czech Republic investment property, brand-new property will soon be available in the second largest city, Brno. Prices here are about two-thirds of those in Prague, and as the economy has strengthened, the area has attracted much regeneration. There are several projects underway, including two city centre developments with units starting at £28,000 and £39,500, both due for completion in Spring 2008. And a family friendly development complete with playground and pond, with units from £30,000, due for completion in 2009.

Prague is still the tourist hotspot for a Czech Republic investment property but investments in the world-class golf and ski resorts outside the city are also worth a look. With a golf revival in full swing, property at the Obora Golf Village at the Monachus Golf Resort is one prospect for a Czech Republic investment property. Units currently available include three bungalows, ranging in price from £146,200 to £212,200, and three villas, from £171,700 to £228,400. Or you may choose to invest in the thriving ski resorts. The Krkonose region, also known as the Giant Mountains, encompasses many towns and resorts with potential for a Czech Republic investment property. Situated close to the ski lifts in Rokytnice nad Jizerou, three apartments are currently available ranging in price from £51,000 to £65,000. There is also a range of property for sale in the Giant Mountain resorts of Svoboda nad Upou and Harrachov,and in the family-friendly Sumava region.

As the country enjoys one of the best economic growth rates in the EU, much of the county is benefiting from major regeneration projects, giving those wishing to purchase a Czech Republic investment property much greater choice. Central Bohemia is one such area and, located 30km southwest of Prague, you’ll find the town of Beroun. Those who bought a Czech Republic investment property last year in the Beroun district have already seen the value of their property rise by 20 percent. Property is currently available in the northwest area of Beroun at ‘The Bakery’, a modern refurbishment of an old bakery building. Enfield-based company Trojans International is offering 38 units at ‘The Bakery’ priced from just £20,000 and due for completion in September this year.

With continued regeneration and economic success, the figures are still making sense for those looking for a Czech Republic investment property.and in the family-friendly Sumava region.

As the country enjoys one of the best economic growth rates in the EU, much of the county is benefiting from major regeneration projects, giving those wishing to purchase a Czech Republic investment property much greater choice. Central Bohemia is one such area and, located 30km southwest of Prague, you’ll find the town of Beroun. Those who bought a Czech Republic investment property last year in the Beroun district have already seen the value of their property rise by 20 percent. Property is currently available in the northwest area of Beroun at ‘The Bakery’, a modern refurbishment of an old bakery building. Enfield-based company Trojans International is offering 38 units at ‘The Bakery’ priced from just £20,000 and due for completion in September this year.

With continued regeneration and economic success, the figures are still making sense for those looking for a Czech Republic investment property.

Car Reviews

Car Reviews

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The decision to buy a new or even used car can be quite overwhelming. There are so many things to take into consideration that one can become quite easily confused and not know where to start. The best place to start is to decide which type of car you are most interested in. This can be determined by taking into consideration what you will be using the car for, what you are willing to pay for a car, and what features you want in or on the car. Even just these factors can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s a great idea to look at car reviews before you make any final decision.

Car reviews are a wonderful way to become more familiar with different makes and models of cars. They will offer great insight as to what the car entails and what options are available with a particular make and model. This is very important when deciding how you are going to be using the car most. For instance, you might really like the looks and the space included with a sports utility vehicle. However, if you don’t actually need all that room and you are going to be doing a lot of travelling with the vehicle, a car review may let you know that these vehicles take up a lot of fuel. This will mean that it’s going to be quite expensive to drive the vehicle all over the place and you may want to look at other car reviews to find one that’s going to be easier on the petrol, and your pocket.

Car reviews will also often give a brief history and description of the company. This can help the car buyer become more familiar with not only the cars but the company that manufacturers them. This can often make the buyer feel more secure in deciding to go with a certain make of car. One may find through a car review for instance that although a car looks nice, the company actually specializes in high-end cars and although they may have originally wanted to get a certain type of car, they may decide that the cars that company makes simply does not fit into their budget.

Car reviews can often also include the experiences of other drivers who have driven that particular car. There is sometimes nothing more valuable than word of mouth and hearing about what other people thought of the car, this can offer valuable insight. A potential buyer may find through a third party, that even though a car looks and runs nicely, the seats are not very comfortable at all. For a lot of people, that can make a huge difference when buying a car. These comments can often be about small, personal preferences or be based on pure facts such as fuel consumption. Through a car review, a person may find out that they will only get ninety miles out of a full tank. On the other hand, they may find out that although they thought it was expensive to fill that sports utility vehicle, it actually uses gas quite a bit more slowly than other vehicles on the market.

Car reviews are a great tool for anyone interested in buying a new or used car. They allow the consumer to have more information at their fingertips and being informed is always a great first step in buying a new car!

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Cost Benefit Analysis-Whether you should outsource your Bookkeeping to Professional Book Keeper.

What is a role of a bookkeeper in your organisation :
BOOKKEEPERS keep complete, up-to-date, and accurate records of accounts and financial arrangements. Bookkeepers verify and enter information into journals and ledgers or into a computer. They periodically balance the books and compile reports and financial statements. Bookkeepers also receive, record, bank and pay out cash. They balance checkbooks with monthly bank statements. They may calculate employee wages from plant records or time cards and issue payroll checks. Some of the other work they may do includes posting accounts receivable and payable, prepare and make bank deposits, record payrolls, maintain inventory records, purchase supplies, prepare purchase orders and do expense reports. Bookkeepers may also make schedules, sort documents, and file bills. These type of jobs are found in every industry and may have various job titles, such as accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk or assistant bookkeeper.

Cost of a Bookkeeper :
The pay for these jobs depends upon experience, clerical skills, the level of responsibility and the job location. Beginning salaries go from minimum wage to $ 15 per hour. Experienced Bookkeeper can make $ 20 an hour. After having worked for three years with the same firm, a Bookkeeper can earn at $ 25 per hour. A Bookkeepers usually work 40 hours a week; sometimes it may be necessary to work overtime. Some employers have fringe benefits such as paid vacations and sick leave, life and health insurance, and bonuses. Other benefits that the employer may include are participation in a credit union, or retirement and profit sharing plans.

Advantage of outsourcing Bookkeeping work to a professional bookkeeper :
There are several distinct advantages to outsourcing your bookkeeping functions. First and foremost is saving money. You get what you pay for and if you don't pay for quality than you won't have quality service. However, you can save money by outsourcing because you won't be paying for employer payroll tax expense, workman's compensation and general liability insurances, vacation time, sick time, health insurance and other benefits a good full time bookkeeper will expect from his/her employer. Just remember, however, that these costs will be built into the consultant's hourly rate and their fee will reflect these costs. Any bookkeeping consultant who has not taken these costs into consideration is not a bookkeeper you want - if they don't know enough to include these costs into their fees, then they don't know enough to be a help to your business. You should expect to pay at least three times what you would pay an experienced full charge bookkeeper.

And just how do you save money by paying three times the amount you would pay an employee? Well, let's see. There will be no recruiting, interviewing and training costs for start. And if you should find yourself unhappy with the services there will be no additional recruiting, interviewing and training to replace your bookkeeper. Also, you will not have to be concerned about law suits such as sexual harassment, unlawful firing, age discrimination, sexist, etc. Or an increase in your unemployment rates because you laid off an employee that you really wanted to fire but had no lawful cause to do so. So right away we have less time and money spent and potentially less hassle if things don't go well.

And of course you will not be paying workman's compensation and general liability insurance premiums. Also any worthy bookkeeper will expect at least two weeks vacation, coverage for sick time, health and dental insurance and even perhaps more benefits.

Most professional bookkeepers will have their own offices saving you space within your office. So you will not be buying that extra desk, calculator, computer and computer software. Your bookkeeper will be providing all of that as part of his/her fee. No software updates, computer maintenance, training costs, etc. Of course should you prefer to have your computerized bookkeeping records available to you at your office, a small investment in software installed on your computer makes this possible. Also no office supplies to be paid for. You will be amazed at just how much pens, pencils, and paper can be used by a bookkeeper. Your consultant bookkeeper will either ask you to drop off the work at their office, will pick it up at your office or some may even offer remote bookkeeping service. And by having your bookkeeping done off site, your bookkeeper will be able to work more efficiently and accurately because her/his office will most likely offer less distractions than your busy office. All of this is saving you money.

And the best reason for outsourcing is that you control the amount of money spent on bookkeeping. What I mean by this is that the person you hire to do your bookkeeping will be doing just that - not answering the phone, dealing with drop-bys, chatting to other employees, etc. Also you can start with just a few hours a month and add on when you need to and then adjust downward again should it be necessary. Can you imagine finding an employee to start with only four hours a month, then asking them to put in 20 hours a week for awhile and then back down to four hours a month again. I don't think you would keep them for very long, but a free lance bookkeeper is able to work around these variables and even more importantly expects to work with flexible schedules.

So have I convinced you yet? If so, then just remember "you will get what you pay for". Go for top quality because your financial records are the core of your business and without great bookkeeping you cannot expect to succeed no matter what type of business you have. After all don't you think you are worth it ?
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Can money be made from web page hits?

A lot of people are asking themselves if they can make money from their web pages hits in case they do have a webpage. The answer is not directly a yes. This is because web page hits are simply those number of times that other people are visiting your website. It shows your popularity or otherwise ion the cyberworld.

However, you can make money from this if only you know how. There are plenty of ways on how to do this and you can also make use of multiple ways as to how to gain money from multiple streams of opportunity available.

The first one that you can translate into money is the advertising stream potential of your website in case you do are getting a considerable number of hits. You can advertise by either using Google's Adsense wherein they put automatic ads for you and then you can gain a commission every time that someone actually buys a product through the ads in your website.

If you don't want to use Google, then you can use Commission Junction wherein you can personally choose the kind of ads that you will be putting up on your website. There is of course countless number of advertisers that lets you do the same thing. The only difference between them is probably the policies involved when dealing with the payment and other details.

You can also certainly try to sell products that you made yourself. Since your website is already having a considerable number of web page hits, it is more likely that a certain number of your visitors will be interested in what you have to sell.

It is presumed that you have already done the hard part of selling yourself to your audience. The companies whose product that you are advertising or selling directly is more than willing to pay you a handsome commission because the hard part of attracting the people's attention has already been done by you.

There are also other unconventional ways of getting money in return for your sites popularity. You can try selling your website to others who want to ride in the popularity that your website has.

It does not mean that you will be giving them complete control, rather you will simply be giving attention to their products as if they were your own or you can use your website as a place where they can have their links piggyback to you.

This will automatically place their websites in a higher page rank with Google which in turn translates to more money for both of you.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can Factoring Make You Money?

Simply put, factoring helps businesses meet their cash flow needs by providing immediate cash by using accounts receivable.

Many people view factoring as a short-term stopgap to plug the working capital hole that inevitably presents itself in almost every growing business. Although factoring can many times help a business refresh its working capital in the midst of a ‘cash crunch’, it can actually be a highly profitable long-term strategy. With adequate cash flow, a business has the ability to not only avoid stoppages in business, but to increase customers and sales. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and with out it, regardless of profitability, a business can cease to exist.

Also consider the fact that by factoring, debt is not shown on your financial statements. This reflects strong numbers and if you have the opportunity to sell your company, this can be attractive.

Factoring is one of the few forms of financing that can support rapid growth in a business. As the receivables increase, so in turn does the funding, as long as your customers are credit worthy. Therefore, it stands to reason that by reducing working capital requirements, a company can more rapidly reach their long-term growth plans. The net effect is increased sales, increased production, and decreased stress.

Factoring is typically more expensive than traditional financing, however, the cost of factoring is usually significantly less than the loss of net profits that would have otherwise been generated by the substantial growth that it supports.

Ways to offset the cost of factoring if it applies to your industry is to use the positive cash flow and take early pay discounts from your vendors and also buy in bulk using volume discounts. These savings can be deducted from your factoring cost if not eliminate them completely.

If you are turning down business due to the lack of capital, you need to explore the benefits that factoring can provide. It is a form of commercial finance that is very powerful and must not be over looked.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Buying Out Minority Shareholders under the Companies Act 1985

Rights of Minority Shareholders
In the decision of the Court of Appeal in Profinance Trust SA v Gladstone (Case No: A3/2000/0435, 2 July 2001) ('Profinance'), the rights of minority shareholders to have their shares purchased by other shareholders or the company under Sections 459-461 of the Companies Act 1985 (as amended) was extensively considered by Robert Walker LJ. It was concluded that the general purpose of these provisions is to provide a shareholder who has been unfairly prejudiced by the conduct of a company's affairs with a remedy more flexible and less drastic than a winding up on "just and equitable" grounds.

However, Walker LJ observed:

'It is well known among company lawyers that although Sections 459-461 were intended to provide a fairly summary remedy for minority shareholders who have been unfairly prejudiced, proceedings under the sections often become bogged down in a mass of written evidence containing numerous accusations and counter-accusations reminiscent of petitions and cross-petitions alleging cruelty under the old divorce law.'

Companies Act: Sections 459 & 461
Section 459(1) of the Companies Act 1985 (as slightly amended by the Companies Act 1989) provides as follows:

'A member of a company may apply to the court by petition for an order under this Part on the ground that the company's affairs are being or have been conducted in a manner which is unfairly prejudicial to the interests of its members generally or of some part of its members (including at least himself) or that any actual or proposed act or omission of the company (including an act or omission on its behalf) is or would be so prejudicial.'

Section 461(1) and (2) of the Act provide as follows:

'(1) If the court is satisfied that a petition under this Part is well founded, it may make such order as it thinks fit for giving relief in respect of the matters complained of.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the court's order may:

(a) regulate the conduct of the company's affairs in the future;

(b) require the company to refrain from doing or continuing an act complained of by the petitioner or to do an act which the petitioner has complained it has omitted to do;

(c) authorise civil proceedings to be brought in the name and on behalf of the company by such person or persons and on such terms as the court may direct;

(d) provide for the purchase of the shares of any members of the company by other members or by the company itself and, in the case of a purchase by the company itself, the reduction of the company's capital accordingly.'

It was observed in Profinance that there 'is a good deal of authority as to the circumstances in which Section 459 is engaged and as to the wide nature of the powers conferred on the Companies Court by Section 461 if it is satisfied that a Section 459 petition is well founded. Many of these cases are concerned with the circumstances in which the court should direct a purchase of shares under Section 461(2)(d) and with the basis on which the shares (almost invariably a minority holding) should be valued.'

In a "quasi-partnership" case where the petitioner is not at fault the court tends to favour an undiscounted share of the value of the company as a whole.

Date of Valuation and Interest under the Companies Act
The main question in Profinance was two-fold:

1. Does the court have the power to set an appropriate valuation date for the share purchase?

2. Does the court have the power to award interest from the date of valuation to the date of payment?

As to the appropriate valuation date, it was held that the court has a wide discretion in the matter. However, even a wide discretion to do what is fair must be exercised judicially and on rational principles.

As to the power of the court to award interest under a Section 461 order, it was held that an order for interest is not beyond the powers of the court. The court can make adjustments in the valuation process which means that the court is actually valuing shares, not as they are, but as they would have been if events had followed a different course; and that practice is regularly followed by the court in orders under Section 461(1). In these circumstances, it was held, a denial of the court's power to award interest would be unacceptable.

Fair Valuation Date under the Companies Act
According to Walker LJ, the authorities show that there are two main considerations which the court has to bear in mind in deciding what valuation date is fair on the facts of the particular case:

1. One is that the shares should be valued at a date as close as possible to the actual sale so as to reflect the value of what the shareholder is selling.

2. The rival consideration is that the date of the petition is the correct starting point. This is because the date of the petition is the date on which the petitioner elects to treat the unfair conduct of the majority as in effect destroying the basis on which he agreed to continue to be a shareholder, and to look to his shares for his proper reward from participation in a joint undertaking.

Although the Court of Appeal in Profinance opted for the second (i.e. that the date of the petition should be the valuation date of the shares) as the better stating point, it did conclude that there may be circumstances where fairness would require that another date be used. Another date, according to Walker LJ, may be more fair in the following cases:

where a company has been deprived of its business, an early valuation date (and compensating adjustments) may be required in fairness to the claimant.
where a company has been reconstructed or its business has changed significantly, so that it has a new economic identity, an early valuation date may be required in fairness to one or both parties. But an improper alteration in the issued share capital, unaccompanied by any change in the business, will not necessarily have that outcome.
where a minority shareholder has a petition on foot and there is a general fall in the market, the court may, in fairness to the claimant, have the shares valued at an early date, especially if it strongly disapproves of the majority shareholder's prejudicial conduct.
but a claimant is not entitled to a "one-way bet" and the court will not direct an early valuation date simply to give the claimant the most advantageous exit from the company, especially where severe prejudice has not been made out.
all these points may be heavily influenced by the parties' conduct in making and accepting or rejecting offers either before or during the course of the proceedings.
Also, it should be noted that recent case law has clearly established the reluctance of the courts to allow section 459 of the Companies Act to be widely used to force the company's hand when its controlling shareholders not acting improperly. The clear message from the courts is that the parties are expected to behave like adults and talk to each other with a view to one party being bought out.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Business Strategy: Clarify Your Purpose And Vision

Whether it's the beginning of a new year or we're half way through, you want it to be your best year ever. You are no doubt doing some planning for how to make that happen. You are doing some planning aren't you?

I'd like to recommend you take some time to really clarify your Purpose and Vision.

Clear purpose and vision are the keys to giving you a focus and direction. Unfortunately, that's something that is all too often lacking from small businesses. What you need to do is quite simple, but may challenge you if you've never taken the step before.

Here are a few ideas to help you make this your best year ever.

A clear purpose describes what you are out to cause with your business. Have you lost track of your purpose? Do you remember what led you to start or get into your business in the first place?

* Three questions to ponder as you seek to re-ignite the purpose in your business:

What do you really want out of life?

What do you really not want in your life?

What would you be willing to give up in order to live the life you want?

Answer these questions honestly and build your business around the life you want to live. Talk about a purpose that would set you on fire.

* Here's an idea for creating your vision. Think of the absolute greatest outcome that you can possible imagine that your best clients would really want from your service. Build your vision around being "the resource" that works to deliver that.

* Examine your values and principles and then determine what you want your business to be in the future. Find your favorite way to relax quietly and let your mind open to dwell in what's possible.

* Imagine yourself in a private movie theater watching a movie of your future self in 10 years. As the movie ends you notice you've been joined by the star of the show. Ask them any question you want about how they got to that place of great success in the movie. What was your future self's purpose and vision.

This may seem silly to you at first, but if you open your mind up to accept that the visioning process will work, you'll be amazed at the answers that will emerge.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) = Global Fusion

‘Globalism’ Sweeps The World

Increasingly the world of business is coming together to tackles people/business & political issues. This increased focus on collaborative synergies is reshaping corporate strategies and even transforming competition…as even competitors at times come together to collectively grow the markets/lobby for concessions from governments or form business interest groups. All this is the new face of globalisation – called ‘globalism’.

Just like fusion releases limitless energy, business fusion through the spread of globalism is releasing unlimited opportunities for growth today and tomorrow. Outsourcing is one of the trends of this globalism as business come together on a shared expertise basis for jointly adding lasting value to their mutual bottom-lines. Outsourcing has also given rise to many new ways of collaborating - like the rise of collaborative marketplaces/portals on the web where outsourcing people eonverge/meet viz. service providers, service seekers, corporate, thought leaders, CEOs, CFOs, Project Managers, Transition Experts, freelancers, consultants, service seekers, BPO analysts/experts/advisors.

BPO & Global Fusion

Today’s consultative BPOs are a unique example of ‘global fusion’ where different cultures and processes ‘fuse’ to release an enormous energy viz. worker enthusiasm and significantly higher revenues too. Many BPO employ expatriate multicultural staff from different countries to deliver integrated BPO i.e. both the contact center as well the IT needs of its global clients. This leads to immense gains to both service providers as well their workforce as people from different cultures enjoy working together towards the same business goal and there are immense cross learnings for everyone in terms of process innovations and cultural bonding.

The other fusion is at the outsourced business process level as it seamlessly integrates with client process & global operations. This is a process of continuous improvement as the outsourcing vendor is continuously re-inventing its operational procedures by introducing innovative processes that significantly enhance revenues of its clients while saving millions too. Being domain focused enables outsourcing project managers to offer consulting to its clients (as it is able to view the clients’ customer needs more objectively/closely) that help them align their competitive strategies more effectively.

BPO vendors are then able to charge their its clients on the value they delivers rather than the usual model of effort based costing. This way the clients do not have to pay for any service/personnel in-efficiencies (as is the case with the usual effort based pricing practiced by other BPOs, where the costing depends on the number of seats/people allocated to a process).Thus client engagements at BPOs consistently grow up the value chain and this business fusion is a great win for clients, great for employees, great for outsourcing service providers and even greater for India as a trailblazing destination for BPO innovations!

Global Transformations

Companies who outsource are those who experience higher pressure to provide global integration. According to a recent report, rising majority of companies currently use outsourcing as a transformational vehicle. A key feature of adopting business process transformation through a BPO model is that the process improvement stages can often be funded by the savings released in the initial outsource , particularly if this involves labour cost savings via a low-cost off shoring location.

The outsourcing initiative is now seen to be more strategic. The business reasons for outsourcing appear persuasive, and the experience to date revolutionary to say the least. Apart from technology optimization, the other outsourcing -improvement levers are: outsourcing economies of scale, labour arbitrage, people-skills optimization and continuous process improvement.

BPO providers with core skills in technology and systems integration take the risk out of implementing automation, and their investment in IT infrastructure is an inherent benefit of BPO. Both CEOs and CFOs are looking for ways to drive benefits beyond cost issues to transform overall corporate performance, competitiveness and shareholder value. For them, BPO is a fact of good business life. It continues to grow and make its mark as a prime mover in cutting costs and generating efficiency.

Business Dress Code - What to Wear While Prospecting

Business dress codes can be tricky to navigate as a consultant. You are going into other people's businesses so your personal business dress code has to appeal to a wide range of clients. This is also true when you are prospecting for future clients.

The business dress code that you use when prospecting will depend on the event. You always want to dress to be your best but you also have to know your audience. The first time you attend an event or meeting it is best to wear a sport jacket and tie. This type of business dress code is very middle of the road. Not too conservative but not too casual.

Business Dress Code and Marketing

A very good choice, especially for people who hate getting dressed-up, is to use your clothes to advertise. When you are in a situation where business casual is appropraite, do some branding and marketing through your attire.
Wear a polo shirt with your logo on it
Have your logo put on a sweater
For sporting events, wear a logoed ball hat
At the very least wear a name tag that has your name and logo on it

This is a great way to incorporate a business dress code that is not only professional but productive as well. Don't feel like you have to be the snazziest dresser but use your business dress code to send a marketing message and convey your professionalism.

The Bottom Line On Your Business Dress Code

Incorporating a business dress code that is not too formal and not too causal is often the best bet. This type of business dress code allows you to appeal to the maximum amount of people and it allows you to feel comfortable within a mixed crowd. These will both help boost your confidence and prospecting success. Adding logoed attire to your business dress code is a highly effective way to get your company name out to people while maintaining your professionalism.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Business Broker Guide- How to choose a reliable Business Broker

Business brokers or business transfer agents are helpful in selling your business at higher prices. A business broker provides buyers as well as sellers for different businesses. You can easily sell or buy a running business with the help of best business brokers. Business broker works like a real estate agent.

Business brokers find buyers for you to make an effective business sale. Hiring business brokers is the better option to gain more offers and profit. You can even get maximum prices for your small business. Business broker can be a person as well as a firm that enables you to sell various businesses that includes Internet businesses as well as website.

Business brokers provide accurate value of the business. They advertise your business for sale and handle all initial discussions with the buyers and also help the sellers to sell their business at good prices. They attract buyers in different ways. They advertise for your business on their websites and manage space in business newspapers and magazines.

Business brokers are very much confident with their work. They work on the behalf of sellers and sometimes suggest them about how to get more profit from business assets. Buyers can also get benefits of business brokers by telling their requirements. They only charge some commission for every transaction. Usually they get charge commission from both buyers as well as sellers.

While thinking about business brokers, very first question that comes in mind, how to choose a right business broker?

There are not specific qualifications of business brokers but the person or firm, that you’re going to hire for your business transactions, should be reliable, knowledgeable, experienced, planned and friendly with you. You should call two or more business brokers for interview and then choose the best among them. You should check whether the broker has great knowledge about the business or not. Just check out their brokerage skill. Always choose a reputable brokerage firm for your business activities.

Business brokers should know how to maintain good buyer-seller relationship. Broker works as a bridge between buyers and sellers. You should check their working ability as well as their common sense. The person who can devote time for your business is the best business broker.

International Business Brokers Association is the leading association of business brokers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Building Great Business Relationships

If you’re in a business relationship with anyone – a client, vendor, or customer – how important is that relationship to you? Do you value the relationship? Do you want to nurture it?

A business relationship, like any relationship, is a two-way street. The expectations of both parties needs be clear and easily understandable. Applying the Golden Rule is also a good idea: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That is a very powerful statement, and one I try to practice in my daily life, both in business and personal matters.

Good communication is key for any business relationship to grow and thrive. Even when conflicts surface (and they will), keeping the lines of communication open at all times is extremely important. Meet conflicts head-on, no matter how frightening they may seem at the time. The sooner the issues are out on the table and dealt with, the sooner you can get back on track and back to business-as-usual.

Another thing to keep in mind is letting people know you appreciate them. Thank you notes, cards and e-mails are always a good idea, and they never go out of style. People love to be appreciated. If you are receiving great business from someone, always be sure to let them know. You will feel better for it, and so will they.

Another great idea is to reach out and “touch” your clients and customers on a regular basis by sending them monthly newsletters. This is a wonderful way to keep in touch, both to let them know you are thinking about them, and to remind them about you as well.

Remember, you get out of a great relationship what you put into it. Value those you do business with. Nurture the relationships, so they are always growing and prospering. Keep this up and you will always have a garden full of healthy, happy business contacts.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boost Your Profits Instantly With Your Own Credit Card Reader Writer

With the increase of home-based and new, independent businesses being introduced, the need for obtaining a credit card reader / writer is also growing. The modern credit card readers and writers have in large quantities replaced the old style readers. Who remembers the old-fashioned type of credit card readers where the merchant had to put the credit card on top of the layered paper receipt with all of its carbon copies in the placeholder and slide the plastic arm over the card and receipt with one swoop? Many times that swoop had to be repeated over and over because the ink didn’t take to all of the copies the first, or even second time. You will probably still encounter these portable readers at street fairs and flea markets that have a multitude of individual vendors because the old style card readers don’t require any electricity. Nowadays, it is much faster and easier to process credit card payments and in most any retail shop, restaurant or service business, you will swipe your card through the new type of technologically-advanced electronic credit card reader / writer machines.

If you are in need of a credit card reader / writer for your business, beware because there are a lot of companies out there offering ‘free’ credit card readers / writers that are based on really unethical contracts. Those contacts will bind you to the card processing company for long periods of time even if you are unhappy with their service. The person or company who ‘gave’ you that free machine is now out of loop so don’t bother going to them for help. Before you obtain a credit card reader / writer for your business, make sure to do your research. Look for reputable companies with a long customer service history so that you don’t have to deal with any headaches resulting from making an uninformed business decision.

Now that you have the information you need to make a wise choice and move forward in purchasing a credit card reader / writer, do an internet search and check out several different sellers. A couple of good websites for you to do your investigating with are and And remember, always be sure to carefully read the specifics of the offers, pricing and contractual requirements of the various merchants you find. By doing some comparative research, you will then be able to select a dependable vendor.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boost employee morale with an exiting adventure team building event!

Corporations faced with a bout of low employee morale should organise exiting team building events to turn things around. Depending on the company budget available, there are lots of team building activities that can be implemented. Corporate event planners can organize a trip to a resort and run a myriad of group activities that encourage collaboration between co-workers.

What are some of the team building ideas that would make the event a success? Infusing a sense of adventure and fun would be the ultimate aim of these corporate events. Organizing a paintball event encourages teamwork, collaboration and competition amongst teammates and opponents. Other team building activities that would be suitable would be treasure hunts or even canoeing or kayaking. Apart from that, specialized adventure team building retreats with obstacle courses could prove to be ideal for a corporate event.

Some of the physical challenges here include monkey bars, ravine crossing, climbing walls, tire runs and stainless steel cables. Participants can be grouped into teams and encouraged to compete against one another. With this, elements such as collaboration and teamwork can be incorporated into the group during the team building event.

Another form of team building such as the geo-caching activity utilizes the combination of natural and technology elements in a mixed urban and rural environment. With a basic concept that is somewhat similar to the Amazing Race, participants are given clues to locate the next clue hidden in caches in a city or park area. Thus, logic, knowledge, collaboration and teamwork would all need to be put into place in order to decipher the clues and move on to the next location. Maps and GPS units are provided to teams for directional assistance.

Geo-caching team building programs can incorporate physical challenges such as cross-country skiing, short walks through the city or parks, or even cycling or rowing. Depending on the objective of the corporate event, physical elements will help to increase difficulty level of the geo-caching activity.